Tubbs first rugby match

Tubbs was a heavy set lad! 5″10 not fat, but solidly built he wasn’t too clever, he was eager to please! So he was very easily led astray. Especially as he liked guys in a sexual way.

Tubbs had just tried out for the local rugby team and had been selected to play for them.

Tubbs was so excited when they called to tell him he leaked pre cum into his shorts!

Tubbs had heard lots of stories about the boys and their post match drinking games, we all know what dirty bastards they are. He recalls the night of the anniversary party of team! Several of thr current past members he’d seen leaving the club house having clearly pissed in their pants! He remembers tenting in his pants going into woods and pissing himself then wanking off while he sniffed one of the used jocks he had stolen from the club house.

All the boys knew tubbs and were pleased be had succeeded in getting on the team! He was a Brutish handsome lad! He scared a lot of people. The reality was he was a complete sub of a lad!

The day of his match came and tubbs played well even scored a goal or two and he got slaps on the back and face rubs from the other lads he loved the attention and came in his Briefs twice during the match!

He loved the scrum and the feeling of being at thigh level with the lads! The guy he was next to, Igor a short muscley Polish lad shorts reeked of piss! This turned tubbs on, Igor pissed his shorts at the start of each game, he told the lads it was for good luck! He knew it wasn’t he did it because like tubbs he loved pissing his pants! He and tubbs would in the future became very close good friends! Infact Igor would be the first guy to fuck tubbs Arse! But that’s another story!

After the match which they won the lads went out for food! Followed by drinks at the clubhouse!

Tubbs was quite drunk by then and the other lads knew he was easily led so they decided to have some fun with him!

Tubbs got up to go for a piss as his bladder was so full! Where’s tubbs off to said the teams captain! For a piss! No said the captain! We play a drinking game when we win last guy to piss his pants pays for all the drinks! Tubbs gulped he knew if he pissed he’d get hard and the lads would know!

He sat there his bladder aching the lads could see this so they tortured him by tickling him! Pouring drink from glass to glass!

Eventually it was too much he lost control the first spurts of piss filled his pants. A wet patch appeared and quickly it was a flood he pissed for a full minute soaking his crutch! Flooding down both legs, it ran off the chair and a puddle formed at his feet!
The lads laughed and the team captain said I win lads o told you he’d fall for it!

Tubbs looked embarrassed but his cock was now hard! The captain saw this and said lads looks like tubs enjoyed that! He deserves a treat for playing so well! Stand up tubbs!
Tubbs obeyed and one by one the lads two at Time! A dick in each pocket pissed in tubbs jeans! Tubbs was in heaven and he shot two loads of cum in his pants!

This wasn’t the end of it! The lads were so turned on they circled tubbs and wanked off over him! 10 guys cane all over him! He was very happy!

At the end of the night he left and took a short cut through the woods! He got half way through! Squelching all the way as his jeans were piss wet through! When he heard a polish accent say tubbs stop! It was Igor who has caught up to him. He slammed tubbs against a tree! Igor said you enjoyed pissing yourself didn’t you? Yes tubbs stammered! Me too said Igor and Igor stood there and pissed himself soaking both his legs and he started to kiss tubbs he whispered you got more piss left? Tubbs said yes! Let it out then, tubbs obeyed pissing himself again! They kissed and Igor grabbed tubbs dick in the piss soaked jeans and jerked him off! Again tubbs spurted more spunk into his briefs, Igor then said right back to yours oI’m fucking your Arse! Tubbs thought to himself I’ll like being on this team!