SUITS Mike and Harveys pissed pamts

Mike was in court on charges of corruption. As he was waiting to go in, his bladder full of the water and coffee he has consumed that morning he recalled how he and Harvey enjoyed, drinks in the office. Remembering the first time just they pissed their pants together and how horny it was to do that he never imagined that he would do such a dirty thing!

He remembered how they were sat on the sofa in Harvey’s office, Mike said he needed to get for a piss. Harvey turned to him and said do it in your pants! Mike said fuck yourself despite stiffing in his briefs at the thought of it! (He had often pissed himself in college when he was drunk and stoned and usually ended up spaffing in his briefs as it got him horny)

I’m your boss it’s an order, now piss your suit pants! Mike couldn’t believe it! Harvey said look the boss is doing it! As he looked down at Harvey’s crotch he saw the area darken heard the hiss of piss and saw it completely flood his crotch and flood over the sofa and onto the floor! Your turn now Mike did as he was told and released his bladder he felt the warm wetness fill his briefs and his Arse crack get wet. His grey trousers quickly darkened as he pissed for a full minute in his pants! He cock grew stiff and this was clearly visible trough the piss wet material of his suit pants!

Harvey looked down and said I think you enjoyed that! Me too and Mike saw Harvey too had a pretty impressive hard on in his suit pants!

Harvey reached over and started to tug on mikes cock through the piss wet material! Looks like this needs relieving boy! Mike looked at Harvey and said yes SIR! Permission to wank you off too SIR!

Mike and Harvey set to to jerking each other off! Strongly tugging each other big cocks until they Both came together shooting a huge amount of spaff into their piss wet trousers.

Mikes attention drew back to the court! He knew he was doing time and Harvey told him he didn’t care how much he pissed his pants I jail or how many loads he took up his Arse as long as he was safe!

The judge banged the gavel and sentenced Mike to two years, at that moment he released his piss into his suit pants a parting gift for Harvey to jerk off on!

As he was led away the judge remarked pissed your pants boy! Looks like you’re scared and may of learnt your lesson already!

Mike was led away to the van! Sat next to him was a beefy guard. Who looked at mikes piss wet crotch and said do that a lot boy do you? Mike sensed he liked from the stiffy he could see in the guards trousers! Mike released more piss into his pants his cock grew stiff and said that answers your question! The guard grabbed mikes cock and jerked him off till he shot his load! The guard said you do that plenty and I’ll look after ya boy but I have first dibs on your Arse! Mike looked at the guards crotch to see a huge spunk stain he had obviously shot his load in his uniform pants! The guards pulled mikes face to his crotch and said suck it out boy can’t have the other guys see I’ve spaffed in my pants!