Special Branch Officer wet induction

It was Carl’s first day at Special Branch he had been drafted in due to his skills and attributes in the field! He heard that the boss there was a hard arse! He had only seen him once and thought that he was a handsome fucker! Carl was the new breed of Officer, Out gay and comfortable with it! No one had any issues and those days were long gone!

H e knew that he would have to go through some training at a special boot camp in the countryside and he was due to start today and had to be at the station for 8am to be transported to the camp! As he waited in the staff canteen he noticed a few other officers who were also waiting to go as well and noticed that were some fine specimens amongst them, a few beary types as well. Bearded and muscular and manly looking just his favourate type of bloke.

Anyway Carl lost himself in thought or rather fantasy about some of these blokes, he was a durty fucker and his colleagues would never believe what he got up to in bed!

Anyway 8am came and the doors of the canteen opened the Boss of Special Branch walked in and announced that the transport was ready! That they all had to grab their kit and be in the car park where they would be assigned to their teams and driven to the camp!

Once in the car park the new recruits were waiting with exicitement and anticipation about what lay ahead, little did some of them know they would never attend “training” like that again!

Anyway Carl was waiting in the Car park and he heard his name called out along with three others all blokes and all the three bear types he had seen, fuck he thought whats going on? Anyway he was assigned to “yellow” team ironic he thought as he loved yellow! They were to go with the Boss Special Agent Jacob Darko, he was fucking handsome thought Carl and good shape for his age, his black combats fitted really well! Hugged his arse nicely and were tight across the thighs and crotch!

Before they could leave they were kitted out and ordered to change into their gear then as training would commence as soon as they left! What the fuck Carl thought training while we drive! They were also told to hydrate then as well and were all given a 2 litre bottle of water!
Once changed Carl though his teams mates, Ales, John and Ruben looked dam fine in their kit, tight white tee shirts hugging their fit bodies and tight black combats hugging their lower bodies!

They were off, Carl was in front with Jacob! Carl had to suppress himself as he was well turned on, in a car with four very fit blokes. He recalled his training days and the things he had got up to! Like the day the training officer had made him piss his uniform trousers and training officer did the same and how they had spent a very wet weekend together when it was obvious that Carl had been turned on by that little did he know that history was about to repeat itself on a much bigger scale!

It was Carl’s first day at Special Branch he had been drafted in due to his skills and attributes in the field! He heard that the boss there was a hard arse! He had only seen him once and thought that he was a handsome fucker! Carl was the new breed of Officer, Out gay and comfortable with it! No one had any issues and those days were long gone!

Anyway they had all drank their water as requested or rather ordered even Special Agent Darko. Now they had been driving for about three hours now and Carl was somewhat desperate to piss, so he asked when are we stopping for a toilet break! A toilet break laughed Jacob, your special branch now, do you think when were chasing the most wanted scumbags that we stop for toilet breaks you just have to hold it till we get the chance for a break!

Carl realised he wasn’t the only one with a bladder need as they other three looked worried when Jacob had said no toilet breaks!
Anyway another hour passed and they was some banter between them and Carl noticed that Ales who was a Polish recruit strong, blond and built as those poles are, kept looking at him and winking when they were talking, Carl felt his cock stirring in his combats!

Anyway they had arrived at the camp and as soon as they had got out of the car all four of them were jumped they didn’t even see who had jumped them it had happened so quick! Carl was thinking fuck I am going to piss myself if this carries on I really need to go! Infact he had let a little out when he had been jumped as it had happened so quickly!

Anyway they had all been hooded and cuffed together and led or rather pushed forward, nothing was said they were just forced forward! They heard Jacob’s voice say right men training begins now!

They all suddenly felt their hands pulled up and cuffed above their heads! Then one by one the hoods had been removed!
They were all cuffed together but facing each other and Carl was supprised to see Ales’s face very close to his. As was Ales, who had the look of what the fuck was happening. Carl looked down at Ales’s muscular and many body and noticed that the front of his combats were soaked and Carl was aware of the aroma of fresh piss and sweat.

His cock stirred in his pants and he was fully erect as he was a big boy this was somewhat obvious! Ales just looked at him and whispered I couldn’t hold and one of them hit my spleen just before he unhooded me! Hope Jacob doesn’t notice!

Carl replied well I reckon he may theres a fair puddle at your feet! Fuck said Ales, what kind of pussy am I for pissing myself (although he knew it weren’t the first time and he remembered that hot stud that banned him from pissing all night on their first date and how they had both pissed their jeans while manly snogging each other, his cock stirred as well!

Carl said look if it helps I am pretty close myself can hardly hold it any longer! Ales said really? I can also see youve got an impressive hard on going on! Are you turned on by my pisssed combats! Carl didn’t know what to say! Ales just winked and said well I am too and as Carl looked down he could see Ales’s cock had grown and was showing through the piss wet material of his combats!

Oi you two stopping talking shouted Jacob youre in training now you talk when I say you do! He then walked over to them both and said OH I see the pole has gone and pissed himself! You scared man barked Jacob, No sir said Ales I couldn’t hold it! Jacob actually smiled at him and said it happens to us all mate! We just have to go where are get used it, as it wont be the last time!

Now Carl noticed that the other two were missing and that were actually alone with Jacob!
Jacob was very close to them now and said seems you too are very hard boys, what we have a couple of gay boys here! Erm yes sir they both said! Good said Jacob makes three of us! Now it seems poor Ales has pissed his pants and we cant have him doing that alone! You need to go boy? Jacob barked at Carl yes sir replied Carl! Good boy! Said Jacob who was now close to them both that they could smell his sweaty body!

So what you going to do boy said Jacob, Hold it like a man replied Carl! NO wrong barked Jacob! Real men piss where they stand and what happened next took both Ales and Carl by supprise! Jacob just stood their and pissed himself, they heard the hiss of the piss come and the saw wetness spreading across his crotch and down his leg and a puddle form at his feet!

Carl and Ales were dumbfounded and both were hard as hell! Jacob turned to carl and you next lad! Carl just gave up and could feel the piss hiss out his piss hole and his briefs fill and as he looked down saw the the wetness spread across his crotch and down his legs! Jacob smiled and patted his arse and said good piss boy! Now what to do with my two piss boys?

You’ve both got pretty impressive hardons going on! He then pulled out a knife and they both flinched thinking what the fuck! He took the knife and ripped a whole in the arses of both their combats! He uncuffed them both and said right piss boys now time for some fun!
He grabbed both their crotches and started wanking them off inside their piss soaked combats! Ales was moaning and they bother Grabbed Jacobs Crotch and started to wank him off, he had a pretty big dick thought Carl!

Now Jacob grabbed Ales’s dick out of his pants and pushed him to Carl and said fuck him! Shove your dick up his arse and fuck him in his piss soaked combats! Yes sir replied Ales and did as he was told carl moaned as he felt Ales’s meat up his arse and Ales kiss the back of his neck!

And what about You! Piss boy Ales, you need your arse fucked as well! Yes Sir, please sir replied Ales, well its your lucky day boy I am feeling generous and he pulled his dick out and shoved it up Ales’s arse!

Looks like you are the sandwich filling hey there piss boy Ales! Yes sir! Anyway Jacob pounder Ales’s arse as he pounded Carls and there they were the two of them in their piss soaked combats being fucked raw! Jacob was kissing Ales neck and slapping his arse, Ales was fucking Carl and kissing his neck while wanking him off inside his piss soaked combats!

They were all three horned up and meanwhile Jacob was saying you filthy little piss boys! This is what I call training!
Jacob came first bitting Ales’s neck then Ales came and felt Carls cock throb as Carl shot a load of cum into his piss soaked combats!
They finished up and Jacob snogged them both and said hit the showers boys! Training again tomorrow at 9am! And Carl you are the Sandwich filling tomorrow and if you boys behave! You’ll be rewarded!

So Carl and Ales left they walked out of the building there were in to see John and Ruben emerge from the next building they couldn’t help notice from the state of their combats that a similar fate had bestowed them and their Boss was fucking handsome as well! A muscular short guy called Franko! They were led to their bunking down area and noticed there was two beds! Well its two piss boys to a bunk said Franko!