Sir and lads wet time

Now Sir is in great shape for his age! The lad admires SIRs commitment to the gym. However sir isn’t as young as he was and sometimes after a heavy workout sir needs a nap!

No lad Is always horny especially if he has worked out with sir who’s stronger than lad! Sir can lift heavier than lad!

When I say lad he’s 34 and built like a brick shit house but a total sub!

Anyway sir and lad had been working out together, lad had drank a lot of water as did sir!

Now they come home and sir was napping on the sofa, lad had heard of you out someone’s hand in warm water when they’re sleeping they’ll piss themselves, lad went into the kitchen and got a bowl of warm water and as sir was sleeping on his side with his hand on the floor lad put SIRs hand in the water.

Lad went to sit opposite sleeping sir and waited now sir must have had a full bladder after all the liquid consumed in the gym as with in ten minutes a wet spot appeared on the front of SIRs tight Biege combats (the lad loves seeing sir piss in them) lad gets his phone out and starts recording! Suddenly there’s a loud hissing noise snd the flood gates open, SIRs combats quickly soak with Piss soaking the sofa and spilling onto the floor, this wakes sir up, he realises what has happened! And sees lad recording it, with a large Hardon in his jeans!

Sir grabs the leather paddle from the wall, picks up the lad and puts him over his knee. The lad is fuck sir yes punish me I’ve been bad! The lads bladder is full too! Sir has the lad over his knee and he smacks the paddle accross the lads arse, the sound is very lad and he repeats this several times, the force of the paddle accross the lads arse caused him to Piss himself, while SIRs strikes his arse with the paddle lad Is heavily pissing his jeans soaking SIRs crotch both sir and lad are rock hard now and sir commands the lad to unzip SIRs combats and get his cock out!

The lad pulls down his heavily pissed jeans and gets some lube and massages it into his hole. He straddles SIRs cock quivering as he does as it feels so good. He’s wearing a white jock , well it’s yellow now from the Piss, the lad rides SIRs cock, up and down for a good twenty minutes! The lad pisses his jock twice and when sir comes the force of the warm cum in the lads arse causes him to shoot his load into the jock! The lad falls onto sir and they kiss passionately! SIRs cock is still in the lads arse!

Sir goes to his knees and takes the lads spunky cock in his mouth sucks off the excess cum. Get to his feet and spits the cum into the lads mouth!

Sir orders lad to go to the cabinet he instructs him there’s a box in it for him.

Lad gets the box and sir says to the lad open it there something for you in it! It’s clear that your my lad totally and you’ll do what ever I want so I’m making this official!

The lad opens the box and in it is a solid silver chain with the silver padlock on it, engraved on the padlock is Sir’s Lad! Sir takes the padlock on the chain puts the chain round the lads neck! Unlocks the padlock puts it on the chain and locks it up and puts the key on sirs silver chain!

The lad chokes back his tears and says thank you sir the guy I dreamed of and that first night we met and you made me Piss my jeans at the bar with that total air of control you have I knew I’d met my sir! Sir grabs the lad from behind the neck and says I love you lad! The lad replies I love you sir!

Sir smacks the lad round the back of the neck and says now go and cook our dinner cunt!