Security guard floods his tight combats

At my local Tesco there’s a hot daddy employed as a security guard, muscled and wears these very tight blue combats that I fantasise about him pissing!

I’ve seen him check me out a few times. One time I wore these tight glue jeans that I’d pissed in a few times. They were lightly stained his eyes were on stalks when he saw that he looked down at the stains grabbed his crotch and winked at me. He motioned down to his crotch where there was a bit of a wet spot, more than a dribble if you know what I mean!u

So a dirty plan formed in my head! I drank up loads of water, waited till I really needed to Piss and went shopping only this time I’d check how good at his job he was, so I got a few items and put one in my jeans pocket!

I got to the tills and paid, anyway just as I was out the door I felt a strong hand on my shoulder, no you don’t! Follow me or I’ll call the police! I looked at him saying what the fuck! He said you know what the fuck!

So he took me to his office, I noticed the smell of Piss as soon as I entered and saw a piss stained pair of jeans hanging up in the wall! I grew stiff in my jeans but my bladder was aching for relief!

Anyway he said take the item you stole out of your pocket and we’ll call it a day! I said what item? He looked at me sternly and said you know? I said you’ll have to search me then? Won’t ya cunt! He got to his knees abs and began at the bottom of my jeans legs pressing up just as he was at my knees I relaxed my bladder and started to piss myself, I’d drank so much it hisses out and quickly soaked my crotch and ran down both legs! Fuck I wasn’t expecting that you dirty bastard! Did i scare the wee man (I’m 5″6 do short but weigh in at 210lbss) I flexed my big bicep wee man cheeky cunt! I had to get your attention somehow!

I wasn’t expecting what happened next but he buried his head in my crotch and sniffed hard stood up and started to snog me!

I felt my crotch get wet again! That’s not me I said! I know he said, you rumbled me didn’t you? As he flooded his tight combats! He kissed very passionately and grinder his hard cock against mine in our now very Piss soaked pants! I’ve had my eye on you a while you’re a proper dirty cunt couldn’t believe you walked in the shop bold as brass in Piss stained jeans! But you’re so well built and look so hard no one would dare say a word! No they fucking wouldn’t I said, I’d make em Piss their pants I said! Then fuck em on the puddle they made!

Grrr I like it he said! So do I get this up my arse he said to me grabbing my throbing dick in the trousers! Fuck yeah I said, we’ll have a proper sess. Keep drinking and snogging and pissing ourselves edging and edging you’ll be begging me to let you cum!

I’m wanking him off inside his combats as I’m saying that, he’s doing the same to me. Suddenly he moans, quivers and says oh fuck as he spunks in his heavily Piss soaked combats I do the same! He then in buttons my flys gets my cock out and licks all the cum of my dick, grabs me and kisses me again! It’s a date he says! I say one condition you get me a pair of those combats and we swap breifs now!

Fuck yeah he replies! I knew you were a durty cunt but fuck you kiss better than I’d imagined!