Ruffian pisses himself

A few years ago there was a guy at the gym, very good looking and awesome muscley body really surly attitude though always stomping about just made him even hotter to me: I assumed he was str8 and didn’t like my glances as that made him glower. He used to wear these tight grey trousers I fantasied about him pissing in them many times!

Anyway he stoped coming to the gym and then I moved and lo and behold I saw him at my tram stop: he gets the same tram as me and usually looks at he I nod acknowledging him from the gym.

Anyway today something happened, he was on my team, he seemed drunk and in a bad mood! He walks past me and nods a stronger nod than usual! He then comes back he’s on the phone and has clearly fallen out with the caller as he says stop calling me, FUCK OFF!! Any way he’s sways a bit like he’s drunk I’m sat down and he’s leaning against the door near me! He’s doing a bit of a pee dance, then what happens gets me stuff, he’s wearing these black trousers. I hear a hissing sound and see the crotch area get wet before long it’s glistening and both his trouser legs are soaked and theres a bit of a puddle at his feet.

He then sits down next to me and says that’s better! I’ve got a stiffy in my trousers, he looks at me and says you enjoyed that didn’t you? I say fuck yeah! I put my hand on his thigh he quivers and his cock is now tenting in his Piss wet trousers! He says you gonna invite me to yours? I’ve got more Piss here and next time I want to be snogging you as I do it!

Anyway he we get off at my stop and we’re talking he says to me you’re a fucking handsome masculine cunt mate! I couldn’t believe you was gay (I have a sticker on my workout book that says sone people are gay get over it) he says I thought all fags were camp and effeminate, I’ve always been turned on by lads but thought I isn’t a gay as I don’t act like that! I always fancied ya at the gym but you’re scary looking so I never said hello! Then I found ya tumblr and xtube page and you loved pissing yourself and I couldn’t believe it as I do as well! Found tht out when I drank too much and pissed my jeans, it felt really good and the smell of it!

He puts his hand on my thigh as we’re on the bus and rubs my crotch! You need to Piss he asks fuck I do I reply! So it turns out he’s just spilt with his girl friend as he can’t live a lie anymore! She won’t let him go and can’t believe he prefers guys!

Anyway we get mine and the moment I’m through the door he’s on me, so I slam him against the wall and start kissing him he’s moaning and says fuck this feels good! I release the piss in my chinos huge hissing sounds and the aroma of piss. He’s kissing me more passionately and pisses himself again. He must have drank a lot as it completely resoaks his trousers and there’s a huge puddle at his feet! I tell him to get on his knees he obeys! He replies yeah tell me what to do I need taking in hand by a bigger stronger man!

He gets on his knees I instruct him to suck on my cock through the Piss wet material! He’s moaning oh the smell he’s really going for it! I tell him to get my cock out and start pumping it! He’s really tenting in his trousers I tell him to wank himself off inside his trousers!

I force my cock in his mouth and he chows down on it, really sucking it (well it’s the first cock he’s sucked!) I’m close to cumming but want us to cum together. He starts to quiver so I know he’s about to shoot his load so I allow my self to cum and shoot in his mouth. He cums for what seems like minutes, In fact his cum so much there a huge cum stain now in his Piss wet trousers! He get up and I say right you’re wearing my breifs home with ya give us yours! His are full of cum, he says fuck that was so hot! I’m gonna enjoy being a poof! Can I be your special lad!! I reply we iwill see how you perform we kiss again and spits sone of my cum back in my mouth!

To be continued