Out mudding

One of my favorite things to do with my friend late at night is we go mudding.

I remember this one time I was riding along and he kept zigzagging while I was rolling a joint using a book or something as a makeshift table.
It was a very difficult situation because I had to piss so bad. To make matters worse, two large wet spots were developing in the front of his gray
sweatpants throughout the night and I kept staring at his crotch the whole time. The front of his briefs must have been soaked under, I thought.
He was always like that, especially whenever we were out and having fun. From the way he was fidgeting on his seat I could tell that he still
needed to go at least as bad as I did.

“I can’t fucking do this!”, I said, holding my crotch with one hand.

He stared back at me with a dumb smile and started full-on wetting his pants. It even hit his shirt. I could hear the powerful stream. He kept going
until his sweats were soaked. Some went in his boots that later he emptied out the window before putting them back on. He didn’t give a fuck.

My kidneys were killing me and I had goosebumps. I really needed to steady my hand in order to finish rolling. My briefs had already wet spots
from accidental spurts and the crotch of my pants was damp. Would I be able to even finish the job? I guess I just have to do it.

The sudden warmth that saturated my briefs ended my worries as I sat there flooding my trackies until I was sitting in a puddle. Still going in my
pants for what felt like a full minute, I handed the joint over to my friend and he lit it up. It was very cold outside, but we were so comfortable in
the car, drinking and pissing our pants.

Later I found myself still staring at his crotch, but this time he gave me a clear view of his package, which meant I had to get down to business.