Other fetishes.

Do you have other fetishes, or had one that’s manifested itself from another?

For me its smelling other people’s underwear. It started when I began to wonder if any of my friends or their siblings also pooped or peed in their underwear. At that stage I was only doing it accidently and wanted to know if anyone else did it at much as me. I was disappointed when I discovered I seemed to be the only one, until I realized they would be hiding it. Unlike me other people would have been getting in trouble for what they did and wouldn’t be leaving their underwear in the bathroom for everyone to see.

That realization came during my first sleepover when my friends mum asked me to go to the bathroom with her, then scalded me for leaving my underwear on the bathroom floor and what I had done in them. She told me to either put them in the rubbish or hide them in my backpack. She made it very obvious she disappointed at the state of my underwear, but at the time I didn’t realize why. It wasn’t until my next sleepover that became apparent, when she came in the bathroom, picked up my underwear and smelt them. After doing that for a while she said something like “perfect, just how I like them”.