I make a builder piss himself

I make a Beefy builder piss his pants on long train journey!

It’s Friday night, So I’m sat on a train in my tight black combats! I’ve drank two coffees and a lot of water.

I’ve a seat at a table it’s very late so the train is really quiet in fact there’s only me on the train!

At the first stop a big beefy burly builder gets on he’s short muscley heavily tattooed and wearing black combats that I swear looked damp around the crotch area!

He comes and sits next me which is odd as the whole carriage is empty! I can tell he’s been drinking has he smells of beer, sweat and interesting of piss! Or perhaps that was just my durty mind!

Anyway he says hello to me, asks me where I’m going which is the same place as me, he says he’s been working down here for the week!

His name is mark, so we chat he gets some beers out of his bag and offers me one, which I take as I don’t usually drink big he’s hot and I want to see what will happen!

As we talk he’s banging his leg against mine and smiling at me! He says I’ve seen you on canal street haven’t I, I said yes mate go there now and then. He says me too, I’m out but like masculine guys not many of those on there, which is why I noticed you! He ours his hand on the inside of leg and says you look so fucking intimidating id never talk to you in one of the bars there!

I looked at him and said you fucking serious, you’re fucking well handsome and Built like a tank! Now if you’d said you were into piss I think I’d shoot my load in my pants!

He grabs my hand puts it to his crotch which is damp! Why do you think these are damp? I pissed myself at the station! I looked at him and said that’s fucking horny! Then I felt his crotch get wetter and hear the hissing sound piss makes when you piss yourself he kisses me and says you need to go? I put his hand on my crotch and release my piss into my black combats he moans oh fuck that’s Horny! We snog and piss ourselves in the seat! He says if you tell me you’re a top I may shoot my load in my briefs! I say I am, I think I need to get you back to mine more beers more piss then I’ll ruin your Arse and seed you! I see he’s got a massive hard on, so I start to wank him off inside his now heavily piss soaked combats!

He’s doing the same to me! He’s says fuck you’re hot! I’ve got three pairs of pissed in trousers in my bag, they’re dry bit piss stained I’ll wear em for you! I’m a complete sub and need a daddy like you to be my boss! We’re still massaging each other’s dicks in our pissed trousers, he mutters I’m gonna shoot my load! I say me too, we shoot together and be cums for a minute or so, he’s spunked so much it’s visibly showing in his combats! Sane me with, he says you’re on dirty filthy daddy! The train pulls into the station and Both our seats are wet we laugh and say good job it’s the last train hope those seats dry by tomorrow.

So we get in the cab, he says where you taking me daddy! I said back to mine, we’re spending the weekend pissing and fucking, you’ll go back to work next week wearing your pissed spunked work gear!

We get back to mine, he says I need to piss again, I order him to strip hand him my pissed spunked briefs and tell him to put them on, which he does before sniffing them and muttering oh fuck! Daddy if I please you can I keep you’re breifs? I say yes you’ll wear em all week pissing and spunking then, I’ll wear your boi too! He goes to his bag and pulls out a pair of cargos stained down both legs, I pissed these he said, I’ve a similar pair! So I put mine on, we snog and let out our piss in our cargos he’s moaning with pleasure, daddy I need to you seed me. I say with pleasure. So I pull down his cargos and breifs a little to reveal a divinely beefy Arse.

I lube him up and shove my dick up his Arse. He’s very receptive I’m kissing the back of his neck and pump his Arse. I grab his nice cock in pissed white breifs, well more stained with yellow. He’s moaning oh fuck daddy your cock feels so good! I fuck his Arse for a good while till I pump loads of cum up his Arse just as I feel his cock jerk and he pumps s huge amount of cum into my breifs! Oh fuck daddy this was better than I fantasied about! I take him bed we both keep our pissed breifs on! We spoon and he has his Arse nestled right close to me cock and I have my hand on his cock in my pissed and spunked breifs he’s wearing! Needless to say he becomes my boi, when he’s away for work me Skye’s me and pisses himself for me, begging for daddies cum when he sees me again!