homophobes wet coming out

Josh was a handsome well built man in his thirties. He took no crap from no one he certainly didn’t put up with homophobic crap! Today was a day he would teach a homophobic closet case a very hard wet lesson!

Josh was out with his friends at a straight bar in town, as usual he scooped the bar for any handsome faces for his wank bank! Josh was a top that loved piss! Josh pissed his pants on a regular basis if he was lucky he’d find another guy to wet With. This usually ended with the other guy being fucked In his own piss puddle!

He worked as a doorman as well and had plenty of images for his wank bank of blokes who had pissed their pants drunk he’d even had some with some of them.

Tonight he was out with his friends at a popular bar in town! It was busy and they had a table in the corner. It was busy plenty of hot guys one in particular got his attention a builder still in his work gear. Short tattooed muscley, tight dirty blue jeans. Very maculine and handsome.

As the night wore on the guy became a pain he was very vocal about his hatred of faggots dykes and trannies. A gay couple had to leave as he made open comments about those fucking faggot cunts flaunting it in public. Josh thought what a cunt, I’d like to show him some faggots will fight back!

As the night wore on the guy got louder and more vocal! Josh had had enough but he couldn’t do anything in the bar because it could get back to his bosses!

He’d wait a plan formed in his head he told his mates that he may just need to leave and he wasn’t being rude!

Anyway it got late! Josh hadn’t gone for a piss he’d do that later in his cargos at home!

The homophobic guy headed for the door! Josh Said got to go and quickly followed the homophobic guy out!

The guy ducked down an alley and josh followed him and before the guy could do anything josh slammed him hard against the wall of a building! This will teach you homophobic cunt! I heard every word you said now I’ll teach you a lesson!

Josh didn’t realise the guy was about to release the ten pints of larger he has drunk against the wall of the alley!

A mixture of the shock of josh pinning him against the wall and the impact meant he released the ten pints in hid briefs and jeans. Franco which was his name felt his breifs fill with piss, both legs of his jeans soak through with piss, his boots fill with piss and a huge puddle appear on the floor!

Josh became aware of this as he heard the hiss is piss as Francos jeans filled with piss! And saw the puddle at their feet! He tented in hid breifs! However he remained focused and shouted st the Franco so the faggot has roughed you up and you’ve pissed your pants! You pathetic little cunt! Now turn round and face me.

Franco wimpered but he felt his cock grow hard in his pissed jeans as he it done before when he’d pissed himself drunk woke up on in pissed jeans and his cock rock hard! He turned round and stammered sorry mate I got carried away! Please don’t hurt me! Franco noticed that this guy was big and strong and had an erection showing on his jeans!

Please mate I can explain! I’m really sorry! Too Late cunt! Josh flexed arms Franco put his hands against his face to deflect the blow! He also pissed himself again! His cock grew hard!

Franco said please don’t hurt me,come to my place and I’ll explain! Give me one reason to! Franco started to shake I think I’m gay but where I’m from its bad to be gay I didn’t want to accept it! Josh felt sorry for him! He also wanted to show him how awesome sex with a man was!

He agreed. He followed Franco and they went to his flat! Franco opened a bottle of jack Daniels and poured then a drink.

They talked for a while and Franco said you’re first gay bloke I’ve met who’s a proper man! are there more like you! I Said yes lots! Really Franco said! Yes !

Franco moved and sat next to josh he hadn’t taken off his jeans that were still damp with his piss! The smell made josh hard again! Franco noticed this and said you like me? Josh said you’re stunning but I wanted to fuck you up for what you said!

Franco grabbed his now hard cock in his wet jeans and said you like this? Like what ? My pissed jeans? Josh said yes very much! Franco said you’re are too dry! You need piss? Yes Franco said! Franco said you want to piss pants?

Josh stood up And pulled Franco to his feet! He stood close to him and started to kiss him Franco pulled back at first! But then pulled josh close and kissed him it was so passionate this was the first man he had kissed! He flooded his jeans again and said please piss pants I like it! Josh needed no encouragement and released his piss filling his breifs and soaking his crotch and soaking both legs of his cargos both of them made a huge puddle at that their feet!

Franco moaned and rubbed his hard cock in hit piss wet briefs against Josh’s he said this feels good!

Josh grabbed Francos piss wet crotch took it took his nose smelt the aroma of piss and then licked his fingers!

He forces Franco to his knees and makes him kneel in the piss puddle! He forces Francos face to his piss wet crotch! Franco licks it’s and then sucks Josh’s cock through the piss material! Francos cock is dripping pre Cum! He’s frantically wanking himself off! Franco un bottoms Josh’s flies and takes his cock out! He wants this mans cum down his throat he’d denied himself cock for far too long! Josh pumps his cock in Francos mouth! Both men are so ready to come so hard and horny and turned on by each other’s masculinity and the smell and feel of the piss. They cum together josh pumps cum down Francos throat he takes it all! Franco pumps his breifs full of cum he cums for almost a minute! He stands up both men passionately kiss. Franco is beaming and says to josh fuck me man sex is hot! Josh pulls him close and says I’ll stay the night we will drink some more and I’ll pump cum up your Arse next! Franco lets out more piss in his jeans. Josh says it that yes? Franco kisses him and says yes but we swap briefs and trousers!