Have you ever had the realization someone might know what you do?

For me there have been a few but the most recent is a girl that lived next door to me several years ago. She is now working at a coffee shop owned by the same company I work for, but it wasn’t until a couple of visits to the café I began to realize she knew me. During that visit she hinted we knew each other but didn’t say where or when and made it obvious it was up to me to remember. After a few move visits and hints I still had no idea until she said, “ok well do you remember when you lived in *********** in the house at the end of ******** Street. I lived beside you with my parents”. That immediately reminded me of who she was and how annoying she was, although I didn’t tell her that.

At the time she was quite young and used to come over a lot with one of her friends. I became good friend with her parents, and we spent quite a lot of time at each other’s houses, so her visits didn’t seem suspicious at the time. That was until today when she came out with my coffee and sat down at the table where I was seated. After talking about the time I spent living beside her she said “I shouldn’t tell you this but do you want to know what my friend and I used to do” when I replied “yeah ok” she said, “we both really liked you and used to spy on you in your bathroom by laying on the roof of the garden shed looking through the trees between the shed and your house”. That came as quite a surprise, but it got even more interesting when she said admitted to having a key to my house and sneaking in “a lot” while I was at work.

Suddenly the realization of just how much she must have known hit me and I just sat there with no idea what to say next. With that she stood up and said, “its ok your secret is safe with me, besides your not the only one”. As she walked back into the café, she looked at me and said, “hope I haven’t scared you off, see you next time”.

Her admissions really stunned me, and I have spent the afternoon thinking about what she said. Its also made me wonder if the odd occurrences in that house now have an explanation.


  1. airborne Post author

    The last couple of day the girls was either off work or out that back somewhere but not today. After ordering my coffee I sat at one of the tables in the corner, hoping she would come out and that’s exactly what she did. After sitting down, she asked me if I remembered some of the times, we lived next to each other which I did. that gave me the opportunity to ask her what she did when she snuck in my house and she was quite keen to tell me, or at least the first time. she had developed a fixation with me a while before and found my spare set of keys. After a while she decided to sneak in to have a look around but mostly to go in my bedroom, which was the one room she had never been in. I had never allowed to go in there and that had made her very curious. She admitted to sneaking in there all the time but didn’t say what she did.

    I didn’t ask her about it but one of the occurrences that made me wonder at the time was someone had been laying on my bed. The other was that my favorite sleeping underwear and shirt had been moved. It was only ever a suspicion and I just put it down to my dog laying on bed while I wasn’t home. Another suspicion I often had was the clothes in my washing basket had been moved around. Again, I didn’t ask her about it but when stood up to go back to work she said. “you’re the one that got me into the same secret you have, that’s the other thing I used to do at your house, I know it sounds gross but used to put your underwear on that you had done it in and wearing them under my panties, I loved how that felt”.

    After a bit of a silence she then said, “I can’t believe I’m telling you this but maybe it’s because I always wanted to when you lived next to us”. With that said she told me the days she was working next week and went back in the café. She seems to rather keen to talk to me about it and I am very keen to find out more.

  2. busywettinggoodnite

    I always think people know what I do. I have had one person call me out for wearing a diaper but I denied it and the conversation went back to normal. At one point when I was 11 or 12 my parents asked me why I wore diapers and I said it was bedwetting and as far as the know I grew out of that.