football fan pisses himself

Well he was bearded and almost straight looking, he was wearing light colours chinos and had obviously been drinking! He had a blue and white Man City scarf on. He looked well put together and was staring at me in the queue for a taxi.

When my cab came and I have the destination where I was going he hurried over said I’m going there too can we share! I thought why not he certainly seemed interested in me. He got in and even though there was plenty of room he sat right next me

He smiled and introduced Himself as Shane, he said I’ve seen you on canal street (the gay area) you’re a sexy fucking solidily built guy nice! I smiled back and thanked him! I glanced down at his crotch he had a Hardon and there was a pretty big stain on the whole crotch area extending down to both knees! I knew that stain as when I’ve pissed myself and let the trousers dry a stain is left! In fact it looked like there were several stains! I grew hard in my work trousers tight fitting Biege combats!

He started to talking to me and I chatted back! He then straight out said you’ve got an xtube page don’t you! I replied yes as I’m open about my fetish! To be honest if guys are closeted about it it’s a real turn off for me. Real men aren’t ashamed of their fetishes!

I said sure mate I do and added you obviously like the same so how many times have you pissed in these then I said as I rubbed my hand on his thigh! He said about seven or so I’ve pissed then watching your vids mate so fucking horny and I’ve shot my load in them too! I almost came in my pants when I saw you in the taxi queue! I’ve drank seven pints and haven’t pissed all night!

I said so you a top or bottom! He said bottom and my arse is twitching to have your meat up it!

I said right you’re coming to mine, I’ve had two litres of water on the train and need to piss!

I kissed him in the back of the cab! Proper manly kiss and he kissed good my cock was hard and I could see his was too!

We got to mine! I paid the driver and we went up the stairs to mine and we got in my flat!

I pinned him against the wall and said right you dirty little cunt Piss your fucking pants! I kissed him and our crotches were against each other I felt the warm wetness spread down both his legs it soaked my trousers too! When he had down I forced him to his knees! I said you’re going to get a close up! My trousers were wet with his Piss but my bladder was still full!

So I released it there was a hissing sound he was kneeling in his own piss puddle he started licking my crotch as I pissed soaking both legs and adding to his piss puddle!

He unzipped my flies and started sucking on my Piss soaked briefs! He asked can I jerk myself off? I said yes Inside your trousers I want you spunk in your breifs! You must suck on my cock through my piss soaked breifs till I shoot my load in them! Then what? He asked wait and see I said! Now get sucking he really Went for it the smell of piss was so horny he was really grabbing his cock in his chinos and I could he was close, as was I we both shot our loads together filling our piss soaked breifs with cum! I forced him up and we kissed! I then said right mop this mess up and we will put those trousers in the drier!

Once he had done that he came back and I took off my briefs gave them to him said he has to take his off! He did he took my breifs and sniffed them he said nice!

I did the same to his and I took him to bed!

He asked in bed as he rubbed his arse against my cock when he’d get to take my load up his arse!

I said on our next date, inbetween now and then you’ll have to piss a different pair of trousers every day always wearing my Breifs, you’ll shot your load in Em, not wash the trousers and you’ll video it and send it to me, I’ll then chose which trousers I want you to wear on the date! His reply was fuck that’s horny