Famous wrestler pisses himself

He was a world renowned Irish wrestler he had a reputation for being a bit of twat and arsehole but this was to mask the fact he was gay not only that but a complete Piss pig and a bottom as well!

He always pissed in his shorts and shot a load in them in them after each match! Tonight he would be in for a surprise!

He was to fight a formidable Russian guy the two had gotten a lot of interest due to the aggression between them the Irish guy fancied him like crazy and had jerked off in his Piss soaked shorts many times thinking about him.

Tonight’s match had gotten a lot If attention and it didn’t start well for the Irish guy the Russian completely dominated him from the word go, he always fought dirty.

At one point in a hold where the Russian had him in a hold and he was faced with his crotch and he was sure he could smell Piss, but he discounted it as his dirty imagination.

Anyway the match progressed he had tented and leaked pre cum a few times.

Eventually the Russian had him in a strangle hold and he was strong, he was tired by this point and the Russians other hand gripped him so tightly he accidentally flooded his shorts before he knew it Piss had shot out his dick he pissed in his shorts and ended up sitting in his Piss puddle not only that he had gotten a hard on!

He tapped to indicate he had submitted announcing he conceded to the Russian! It was noticed by several people he had pissed himself even the tv crew, but because of his hot headed reputation no one said anything!

He headed back to his changing room barked to his team to leave him the fuck alone!

Anyway he had only been in there 3mins when there was a knock at the door, feck off he barked in his thick Irish accent. It was met with a deep Russian voice he recognised as his opponent, please let me in I’ve something to tell you.

Of course this got his interest so he opened the door to the Russian wrestler he was smiling and once he closed the door!

The Russian said you pissed in shorts! I like very much and grabbed the Irish guys damp crotch and put his fingers to his mouth and licked and said nice! Thr Irish guy tented straight away! He could see the Russian was also hard!

The Russian said you like pissed shorts? The Irish guy nodded! Can I wear your shorts? The Irish guy quickly took off his shorts and handed them to the Russian who sniffed them before taking off his shorts and putting on the Irish guys shorts!

You wear and piss mine pls! The Irish guy quickly put on the shorts he sniffed them before and they reeked of piss and spunK!

The Russian pulled him close and started to kiss him, we piss now! With that they both pissed in each other’s shorts! It felt so good they were both moaning as they lost control and kissing passionately.

The Russian took a step back and started to jerk off the Irish guy in his shorts! The Irish guy did the same!

They both came together shooting a heavy load of cum in the shorts!

The Russian said nice next time we got for beers we do this in our jeans and I fuck your arse! The Irish guy dropped to his knees took the Russian guys cock out licked off the cum! Stood up and kissed the Russian! And replied only fair you won the match

To be continued