Corporal Compton pisses his army fatigues on comand

Corporal Compton was a handsome short well built lad 26 years old and just assigned to a new unit! He was a good soldier always obeyed orders and loyal as fuck!

Today was the first day of new unit and the sergeant a strong beefy man in his mid 40s said that he spends the first day with his new men one 2 one as he wants to find what sort of men they’re!

Now corporal Compton has a secret piss fetish! It all started when a few years ago when he and a fellow recruit had been out drinking and his mate pissed his pants drunk! The sight of this made him tent in his breifs! He actually purposefully pissed himself too blamed the beer so his mate didn’t feel too bad! When he got back to his room he pissed himself again wanted Off and filled his breifs with cum! He never repeated this as He felt ashamed and hasn’t even come out to himself!

Today was going to be wet day he would never forget!

Corporal Compton met sergeant Ardern he noticed he WAs a handsome man well built and had a way about him! After the usual army talk rules etc he was told to report to the office tomorrow at 8am for a full days one 2 one with sergeant Ardern he was also told to drink a litre of water before reporting he didn’t question it as he never disobeyed orders something that sergeant Ardern would appreciate later!

Corporal Compton awoke at 7am had brekfast in the mess hall with his fellow soldiers drank over a litre of water and reported to the office.

He knocked hard on the door of sergeant arderns office! A deep masculine voice boomed enter laddie!

Compton tentatively opened the door and entered the office. Sergeant Ardern was sat in a chair drinking coffee. Compton noticed a stain running down both of arderns fatigues legs! He dismissed this as his dirty imagination! Although he tented in his Spunk Stained breifs at the thought of this hot guy pissing his army trousers!

He was bought to attention by Ardern saying you ready for day with me laddie? 24 hours for me to find out what Sort of man you are.

A filthy obidient one that will take your piss and cum Compton thought to himself!

Right the day begins with an interview I’ll have one of the lads bring you a coffee! It will start right away!

So the interview was really just a chat! Sergeant Ardern wanted to know all about Compton. Where he grew up, his family life, why he joined the Army, his experience of the army etc….. Compton couldn’t help notice what a brutish handsome man he was, although he had a certain manner about him! Compton wondered what his cock was like! What it smelt like! He wanted to be gagged by arderns pissed and spunked briefs. Compton was shocked at the thoughts he was having!

Compton was bought back to attention by a large thud! Arden banged the desk and boomed boring you am I laddie! Compton leaked a small amount of piss into his breifs!

Right laddie time for us to be outside! Compton followed Arden through the building to a private courtyard where Ardern had Compton doing all manner of physical activities!

So an hour and half of vigourous exercise Compton was sweating his breifs were damp with sweat, he had leaked Precum in them when he had to wrestle Ardern! By now he had drank more water and WAs feeling the need to piss!

Ardern asked how he was doing! I need a piss break SIR! Piss break laddie you think we’re In school no piss breaks you piss eat shit and have sex when I say! You’re on my team and my bitch now my time my rules!

Compton again tented in his breifs at this, fuck not only am I a poof but I’m a fucking sub too! He wondered what state his briefs were in! He shot a load of cum in them last night, he had leaked more cum and now some piss not to mention the sweat, good job he didn’t Share a room.

Right now for some manoeuvres in the woods! Follow me laddie Ardern barked!

Compton follows Arden like an obidient dog! He was taken to a very secluded spot in the woods! A couple of army type buildings and usual training equipment! Some more unusual equipment like the wrist restraints attached between two trees.

He was quizzed on what to do in various senarios. His need to piss was getting more evident and this was apparent to Ardern. Who bellowed! Ants in your pants laddie you can’t keep still! Need to piss sir! You’ll piss where and when I tell you to! Either hold it or piss your pants like a little pig! Compton couldn’t believe what he was WAs this a trick to test his resilience. He wanted to release his piss into pants soaking his brief his army fatigues this appealed to him! But he thought against it and said! I can hold if SIR! I’ll piss when you say!

Good lad Arden smiled and patted his Arse! Wtf thought Compton!

Now Ardern had sized up Compton hours ago! He knew exactly how this would play out! He was looking forward to seeing Compton piss himself even more looking forward to seeing the look on comptons face when he’d himself would soak his army fatigues! Not to mention delivering his man cum down his throat and up his Arse! Poor lad he thought he needs encouraging to embrace man on man sex! Arden tented his cock wet with Precum!

Ardern decided to let this play out see how much this handsome young man could take! Fuck he loved his job! He’d lost count how many young men had flooded their army trousers on command! These army lads loved taking orders 🙂

So a mock hostage situation he took Compton to one of the buildings roughed him up and tied him to a chair and Interigated him to see how much he could take! A lot it seemed!

Arderns own bladder had been calling him to piss for the last two hours but he had held it! But now he needed to shoot his load so he led the now cuffed Compton out to rhe tree with the restraints and forced both his wrists into the restraints Conpton fought back bravely but not enough! Compton had by now leaked more piss into pants and a small wet spot was visible. Ardern notices this and gets hard again! Poor lad time to show him a thing or two!

Ardern barks at Conpton then grabs the wet spot and says has the wee laddie pissed his pants? No sir no sir it’s sweat! What happened next shocked Compton in a good way! Ardern grabbed his cock rubbed the wet patch took his fingers to his nose and says smells like piss to me! Sorry sir I leaked a bit!

Ardern barked laddie this is how a man pisses his pants! And Compton couldn’t believe what happened a wet patch quickly appeared on the front of arderns crotch he could hear the hissing sound. The wetness quickly soaked his crotch ran down both legs and a puddle appeared at his feet!

Ardern barked now laddie piss your fucking pants before he’d got the words out piss filled comptons briefs the wetness soaked his crotch and flooded both legs of his trousers Arden came close to him and grabbed his head and kissed him good lad! Sir has sonething his pants for you! He forced comptons hand to his now very hard cock in his piss wet camos! Compton moaned kissed Ardern back and started wanking him off inside his pissed army trousers! Ardern did the same to Compton who was estatic! Ardern bellowed what do I do with my cock? Fuck me sir please fuck me! Fill my Arse with your cum!

Ardern stopped got a knife out and ripped the back of the his trousers! Compton let out more piss into his pants! Arden grabbed his dick and said good lad!

Ardern cock was eager to be inside Compton! Se he lubbed up and shoved his cock up comptons Arse he flinched at first, well it was his first time. Ardern was easy on him. He slowly fucked Compton who was now Rock hard himself and moaning with pleasure. He fucked him while wanking him off in his Army trousers! He kissed the back of his neck and it felt so nice to pump his tight warm Arse! Compton was in heaven the cock felt nice in his Arse! The manly hands wanking him off felt good too!

Now lad you ready for my cum up your Arse? Yes sir please shoot inside me! I want your cum sir!

I’m going to spunk my briefs soon!

Ardern carried on pumping he was so close to cumming but he wanted them to cum together, this lad needed to find out how amazing it was to have cum shot up his Arse!

Compton was ready to cum his cock jerked and just as he felt the first spurts fill his breifs He felt stickyness in his Arse and hard Ardern Moan oh fuck laddie! Compton shot so much cum

In his Briefs it leaked through and there was now a huge spunk stain there too! He had never came so much! Ardern pulled out his cock came round to Comptons front kissed him grabbed his cock took his fingers to his mouth kicked them and said you me and lad will get on