Coronavirus made me wet my pants

So, In this new world of ours and particularly in my state at the moment, everything is off limits for the most part, restaurants are doing take out only and things of that nature. I live near a major city that is always bustling I have never seen it empty and I heard in the news that the streets are empty so I wanted to go check it out! I asked a friend of she wanted to come along, she agreed and I went to pick her up and we set off. I drank just one water bottle on the way out there and didn’t think much of it. We arrived and the city wasn’t fully empty but it was definitely different than how it usually is. I felt a slight urge to pee so I went to a park and was going to use the public bathroom. I get to the bathroom and the door is locked and then it occurred to me, I am an hour away from home and I know that there isn’t going to be any open bathrooms along the way. So I head back to the car and we immediately head back to my home. Even as a guy, my bladder is not super easy to control if tested. So the situation just continues to get worse, we hadn’t even left the city yet and I am not needing to close my legs together as I drive. I asked my friend to put a McDonald’s into the GPS in hopes that they would have an open bathroom. I told her it is worth a try because I will not make it home. There was a McDonald’s 3 minutes up the road. As I pulled up a got out of the car thinking “please be open, please be open, please be open” and I go to pull on the door and it is locked. The McDonald’s was open, but only the drive through in accordance with the new precautions. I headed back to the car now basically not thinking straight. I get back in and just continue to drive home. I am thinking “I can’t pee my pants in front of my friend!”. We make it out of the city but it is still a built up suburban area and I see a pull off area. I thought I could very sneakily head to the woodline and pee in a bush. I pull into the pull off area, fighting to get my seatbelt off, my bladder bursting, I exit the vehicle and run to the woodline and there is no coverage I am completely exposed and I see that there are businesses on the other side of the bushes. I desperately search for a different spot, it is now or…….. My body gives up and I feel my muscles quivering as nature takes over and I loose all control.I let out one involuntary spurt forming a streak down my right leg and then I regain control for a second and then I just start peeing full force. An audible hissing sound can be heard as warm pee trickles down my legs and into my white shoe. I just stand there and let it out and wonder, how the heck I am going to face my friend with pee soaked pants, but it has to be done. I walk back to the car and once it comes into view I see my friend burst into laughter. I hop in the car she tells me, I guess now the Coronavirus has ruined your pants too. I drive back the rest of the way with pee soaked pants and a not very sympathetic friend.