stocking diapers at work

So today at work I had to stock diapers (I work at Walgreen’s (a drug store if you don’t know) by the way) and I have never gave into my wanting to wear a diaper  (still live with mum and some slight irrational fears) but as I was observing all of these beautiful diapers I was silently seeing which ones would fit and how I could wear them without being seen. I got so turned on by thinking of myself being desperate to pee in a diaper. Speaking of does anyone know of any stories with diaper desperation (no scat)?

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  1. I’m almost sure you would love the feeling of peeing in a diaper. I live with my parents during the summer, and it is actually much easier for me to secretly flood a diaper than to try and get away with peeing my boxers/jeans without my parents finding out.

    Speaking of Walgreens, I just went to a local one last night to get the new My Little Pony Walgreens brand diapers 😀
    Sadly, I bought the wrong size and they are too small 🙁

  2. Wow sounds like that was a very tempting time at work.

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