Still Wasting My Time?

This is going to be pretty redundant for anyone who read my last blog back in August or some shit, but that just tells you that basically nothing has changed for me since then.

So the site has changed in many ways and I really dig the fact that there are a lot more girls posting videos now. But it still feels like everything I post is only getting viewed by dudes. I mean it’s cool and all you guys enjoy it. It’s obviously out there for anyone and everyone to enjoy. I guess it’s just disappointing that all the comments and likes and messages are all from dudes. No offense to all the gay dudes and whatnot, but it’s kinda annoying getting a million friend requests from you guys all the time. I don’t know. I guess it’d just be nice to hear something from a girl every once in a while. You know.. See a little comment or a like or anything to let me know that there are females out there that actually give half a shit about what I post. Hell, even criticism would be appreciated. Tell me what I’m doing wrong if you don’t like my videos. But that’s what I mean. I have no idea if they are even being viewed by anyone of the opposite sex. That’s actually a huge reason why I don’t really do any new videos anymore. It just feels like I’m wasting my time.

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