Steph And Katies Adventures Episode 7-diaper poop!


*Katie walks into the bedroom with a grocery bag in her hand*

Steph: “Hey Katie what’s that you have in the bag?”

Katie: “Well since we are going to go see our aunt Sam with mom, and dad tomorrow, I thought we could try something new

*Katie pulls out a package of Pull-Up’s*

Steph: “Hmm.” *Steph is secretly, but very excited about the idea of wearing Pull-Up’s*

Katie: “Here try one on”

*Katie tosses a Pull-Up to Steph, and Steph removes her clothing, and slides on her firmly fitting Pull-Up. Katie also takes off her clothes, and slides on her firmly fitting Pull-Up. They then both put their clothes back on. Steph startes rubbing her self under under her pants getting extremely turned on.*

Katie: “Good thing I got these Pull-Up’s, because my stomach is really starting to hurt now.”

*Katie starts to moan, and rub her stomach as she is releasing diarea into her Pull-Up.*

Steph: “Hey sis smells like you just had a accident in your Pull-Up!”

*Katie goes to change into a clean Pull-Up for the night. Later they both go to bed until they are awoken by their mom to prepare for the day.”

Mom: *Shouts up to the girl’s bedroom* “Come on girls get ready, we are going to

*Both girls notice that they wet their Pull-Up’s through the night, so they go grab another one, and get changed into clean clothes for Aunt Sam’s house.*

Steph-this stap is too tight

Katie-no its not you need the tightness later

Steph-still its going to leave a red mark on me

Katie-so…it wont be there forever

And so as the Banks were driving to Aunt Sams house Katie felt the urge to pee].she was wering blue jeans to cover her diaper and a expensive top.

Steph was wereing blue sweat pants and a white top.When the banks arrived they were greeted by there Aunt,her husband Roger,and there annoying kids

Johnathan,Isabela,and shayla

so they all went inside.the adults were in one room while Steph,Katie,and the annoying brats were in the other room.

Shayla was 5

Isabela was 8

and Johnathan was 10

of cource there was fighting

isabela-katie can we watch tv?


isabela-can we watch disney channal

shayla-no i wana watch dora

Johnathan-dora is for babys

Shayla-thats not nice

johnathan-your still in diaper becuase you love dora

Shayla-but jon…


(my view of little brats ladies and Gentlemen,well its been a long week for me)

these kids are known in our family to fight alot (No shit Firefox ). then it got Steph and Katie thinking of Johnathans diaper comment and thought it would be interesing to feel like a baby again.and so the two got texting (or sexting…what ever the hell the kids call it these days)


Steph-*i need to poop.i havent gone in days*

Katie-*same here,come sit by me*


Katie-*come take care of me mommy….LOL*

Steph-*oh now i see.wait,not in front of the kids*

Katie-*they wouldn’t mind*

Steph-* mmmm*

Steph walks over toward Katie who was siting on the couch and sat next to her.Katie then layed out her self on the couch.and As Naughty as Katie was she purposly lets out a fart.but i sounded wet.

Isabella-who farted



johnathan-Jesus Christ what did you eat


Johnathan-you stink

Steph-don’t get mad johnathan…its just a silly thing

johnathan-no she stinks.

(woaw what a dumbass he is)

And so Johnathan and other younger ones watch Aladen on dvd . they were sitting on the carpet while Katie was laying down as she bends her ass into Stephs face.Katie then lets out a few farts then the last one Steph saw a little bulge grow in Katies pants.the smell then stinched the room.
then the two saw a chance when the kids got board of the movie.

Steph-now is our only chance here
Katie-well we could go in the bathroom and lock the door.

and with out a reply both girls raced to the bathroom and Steph locked the door.when she turned around katie then goes in and kisses Steph as she put her hand on Stephs hip (if only they were real and not my fictional imagination).The two undresses but keeped there Diapers on. Steph then layed on the floor and Katie fallows and kisses Katie was on top of her sister she noticed that Stephs diaper was expanding rapidly. Stephs smooth ass soon became a shit covered mess the way she liked it.
Katie turned her attention as her hand slip into Stephs Diaper.

Katie-mmmmm smooth

still on top of each other Katie suddenly starts pissing herself.Steph could tell by the yellow stain growing over her Pussy.
But all came to a grind halt then Shayla knocked on the door to ask to use the the irl had to get there clothes back on and leave for Shayla to use.but after shayla used the Bathroom The banks were going home.

The end.

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