Steph And Katie's Adventures Episode 5 -the New Girls fetish part 1

*fan fiction* writin and created by thefirefox

last time we were with Katie as she shit her panties and munched on Stephines ass.but now we go with Steph on her first day of freashmen year
as she was with a group of friends before class starts she notices that theres a new girl. her name is jane.she is wereing a two layered shirt. first layer is light green long sleve shirt and second layer is a dark green short sleve shirt.and allso had blue skinny jeans on showing the best ass crack in Stephs mind…..dirty girl i supose

when Class began. Steph sat behind Jane and Stared at her ass the entire time.steph also realized that she need to shit and thought panties were not the best tiolet at the moment. few classes later it was lunch time and Steph realized she was in lunch B and her friends were in lunch A.then she saw Jane eatting alone by a good girl she thought it would be nice to be friends with a girl who she would piss and shit with

Steph- im stephine
Steph-i never seen you here before are you new?
Jane -i moved here a month ago from Montana
Steph-do you like it here
Jane-my father got a job oppertunity here and my mother and my brother jackson were trilled…but i wasn’t
Jane-i have a liking toward something most people hate me for.back in Montana i was more relaxed in doing it that but i don’t know if here is a better place for me to enjoy it.
Steph-what is it
Jane-ammm….a…sex.fetish..i guess.gross too
Steph-i have one too
Steph-well multiple i guess
Jane-what is it?
Steph-it is kinda gross like yours
Steph-but im not afraid to tell
Jane-oh why
Steph- well im a lesbain how has incest with my sister and shits myself for fun and pleasure*Stephs poo ushes out of her ass in to her pants*
Jane-oh my god Thats fucking disgusting that…that..i love it
Steph-i knew it
Jane-but i never thought i would meet another girl with my same interest
Steph-as were talking i just shitted my pants
Jane-ohh my
Steph-do you like lesbainism you say
Steph-i want you to smell my ass
Jane-right now… in front of a lot of people
Steph-see this going to drop it and your going to pick it up

Jane then gets up walks behind Steph and crouches on the floor.allready she can smell Steph.then she go the spoon she then sniffed Stephs ass.
Amazing she tought.without realizing she licked her bulged filled pants.(SEXY!)

Jane-i have gym next do you
Steph-well i want you to shit your pants
Jane-well i don’t know about that
Jane-damm it fine. in the locker room before gym.

Now this gym looked like a goats ass it was awful to look at (as ugly as a painfully anal i say….and no im not gay.i did this to my girlfriend).the girls then went into the locker room.of cource Jane and Steph were the last to change.Steph now in gym shorts and tangtop goes over to Jane changing into yellow shorts and a whitetang top places her hand on Janes ass cheack and squezzes.

steph-nice ass
Jane-mmmm so good
Steph-so are you going to poop now
steph-i can feel your pee
steph-well at least you enjoyed it
Jane i have no extra pair of gym clohting
Steph-welll try the little dripple off and lets go were going to be late.

Steph then knew Jane will release her preasure if she is stressed to the max.the girls walk into the gym to see a nice handsome gym teacher there.
and then there was….dodge ball stuff and then Steph got an idea……


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