Steph And Katie's Adventures Episode 4 – Wedding Poo

Weddings ahh you got to love them. A time were couples join together in life
or a time to enjoy a fetish.Well As you Should know our Lesbian partners were at the beach and had messy fun.Now they plan to stinken a Wedding up.

Sam was the adopted child of Steph and Katie’s Grandparents. He was 21 and he looked like leonardo Decaprio only with darker hair and and a beard.
he is getting married to whom Steph calls a slut. but her real name is Emily.and Jessica is the 18 year old sister of Emily
Woodspring Church was the location of this Wedding and now our Story Beggins.

Jessica-nope, i think it’s tight
Katie-you tied the laces tightly
Jessica-can you fix it?
Katie-while im trying to zip up this cheap dress.give me a second
Jessica-that dress looks like garbage
Katie-yeah i know*zipping up her dress*
Jessica-who bought it?*katie fixs Jessicas laces*
Katie-My mother did.
Jessica-ahh arn’t you guys rich?
Katie- were also cheap at the same time.

Preparing for a Wedding was a Pain for Katie.but she was going to oversee that with silk panties she plans to mess.Steph is waiting out side the changing room for Katie.Katie comes out with Jessica.Steph was amazed by the spped it took for those two to get ready or Steph was eyeing up Katies Breast.(every mens guilty of this).well and so nothing really happened after we fast forward during the wedding.of cource katie wanted to shit and so waited to build up poop and was going to release.she had to be carefull though.she didnt want to fart during the as she was standing there in a white dress she pushes abit out. then slowly push the rest out ruining her panties instinlty but she was in trouble if they need to be seated.but luckily it was not one of those weddings.sure i stintch the church up but Katie was relaxed.she also wanted to see the damages her silk panties have tooken.after the wedding
Katie and Steph meet.

Steph-i assume you were the one to stink up the church
Katie-wanna touch
Steph-omg you did
Steph-how does it feel
Katie-warm and gooy
Steph-i bet its messy
Katie- come with me

By the sound of that Steph got the fuzzys.(mmm fuzzys)so the two went in to the bathroom and locked the stall door and looked at katies mess.

Katie-it must be messy
Steph-some of it is ozing out of the panties
Katie-i like it
Steph -i bet you do
Katie-mmm i wish we could kiss but were in a church in a stall
Steph-yeah.we can’t get a single stain on these dresses.
Katie-or we don’t have too

Steph then wondered of the idea of what Katie was talking about.Katie then grabs Steph and turns her around.Katie then knees to the grouns and lifts her dress and burries her face in her ass. Katie thought it tasted like cotton candy (and as you know Cotton candy taste good) she wiggled her tounge around Stephs ass and slip her tounge into her panties eatting out that ass and eventually her pussy.but the girls heard a knock at the door.

MrsBanks-girls are you in there?
Katie-yes mom. were using the restroom
MrsBanks-ok. after your done we need to leave.

After hearing there mother walk away the two girls then went in to a state of dissapointment.surly they will be a night with out there parents so the sisters can do what they allways want.but School in two days for them and there extremly busy those days. what happens next will effect these two girls feelings to each other.

the end


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