Steph And Katie's Adventures Episode 3 -beach Poo

*Fan Fiction* writen and created by thefirefox

Steph-wheres the sun block?
Mrs Banks-on the counter.
Mr Banks-put alot on its going to be hot.
Steph-will do
Mrs Banks-ok now we walk there

After a short walk from the rental house to the beach,The Banks family knew this would be a great Vaction.The Parents allways wanted to go and do all crazy stuff there while Katie and Stephine find it amazing for each they were setting the unbrella and there foldable chairs Steph checked for messages on her phone.and of cource she brought the expierence Dairy and hid it in her bag.the family went into the water for a few minutes and then decide to go back up to the chairs. Mrs Banks was reading a book while Mr Banks fell asleep easily when they got there.(i would sleep too) Katie and Steph where sill in the water.

Steph-he’s asleep
Katie-but mom isn’t
Steph-well i guess we change what we were going to do
Katie-i don’t have to go though,so you might be going solo on this one
Steph- we could pee?
Katie-weres the fun peeing in the ocean?
Steph-yeah your right
Katie- Mom told me that we won’t be here long becuase were going the the boardwalk at 8:00
Steph-i guess your waiting for that
Katie- yep
Steph- i should hold off too i guess.

After there short conversation Mrs Banks calls in the girls and wakes Mr Banks.

Mrs Banks- ok were going to the board walk, next to it is a beach with people and activities.we will be going there so dry off and get in the car.

while the sisters were drying off there white pokadot bikini’s Steph shares her updates with Katie in the car.

Steph-heres what i have, your turn
Katie- im not ready yet.and the boardwalk is donw the street.

when the Banks got there.Steph overheard that Katie and her were allowed to go to the public beach by themselves.(kinda figured.who ever dosn’t let there almost adult child out once and a while are over protective)

Katie-we can go with out mom or dad
the two went to the beach as they say many familys there.Katie told Steph she needed to pee and so they sat on the sand looked at the ocean and pissed them selfs,and with pokadot bikinis on theres going to be an odd color.they both were giggleing and finaly got in to the water.Katie say two guys how were lifeguards cheering at Katie.

Katie-only if they knew we were togrther
Steph-i need to shit but i saw a kid with goggles on going under water.
Katie-why worry?
Steph- wait….you want me to shit myself in front of him.
Katie-i dare you to do it and you can dare me.
Steph- i know you want to do it but you want to see my ass as well.

Katie smiles and waits as the boy with goggles got near.Katie noticed he was looking at stephs ass.
(becuase of pokadots,he wont be a perv at the age of 9)
Steph then let out a little grunt as a long brown poo bulges up in her bottoms.the kid was reaching out to touch it.Katie starts laughing quitly.
the boy then touched it.or more like shove his fingure up Stephs ass
he then quickly got his hand out and surfaced to talk with Steph

theboy-you pooped your swimming suits
Steph-well that is acualy a new kind of swim suit with a pad in it
theboy-no i saw poop coming out of your butt.
Katie-so why did you touch it?
theboy- i like poop!
Steph-you like what?
theboy-you girls r pooping your pants here so im going to do it too! and we can be BEST FRIENDS.
Katie-im pretty sure my sister has a pad in her bottoms.
theboy-Nope! *goes behind Steph and pulls out a turd*
Katie- i think we need to go*pulling Steph*

as soon as they swam way from the creepy boy.Katie was wondering what Steph is going to dare her to do.

Katie- so what do you dare me to do
Steph- well i dare you to shit your self when we are riding a ride on there.

Katie was quite interested in the idea.she never shit on a ride before and this would be a perffect placee to mess up at. (ahh typing hurts..hand cramp).Katie quickly exsepts the deal and they both got out of the water after Stephine dumped her poop and the water.(i wonder if that boy is playing with it.) our two lesbain sisters dryrd off and put on some jean shorts.real tight ones i might add.Time passed as and the two sister meet back up with there parents.ate dinner and when went to the rides secetion.
Katie of cource got excited and sat next to steph.

Katie-lets go on the twister
Steph-your going to do it arn’t you

the two got in line and waited for a coupe of minutes.when it was there turn ,Katie sat next to Steph and and some random guy.Katie was smilingg like it was undercontrol and and then the ride began to move.the guy was paying attention to his girlfrind in the next seat but Katie let out a little fart and grunted. poo sliped out and fast and wet.but Katie had an Advantage in her mind.the flat surface is allways a great way to mess your self.then the ride started to pick up more speed spinning did Katies moans of Pleasure as she was still shitting her shorts and smearing it.Katie then realized she need something to cover her soaked poo bottom so when the ride was over they got off and laughed

Katie-i need your bag
Steph-you ruined your shorts
Katie-you want to smell
Katie- mom and dad must be waiting *as they walk toward them*
Mrs Banks- well it been a tirsome day and this place is going to close soon.
Mr Banks-well i hope you girls had a good time becuase were leaving tommorrow morning.
Steph-i wish we could stay
Mrs Banks-we all know but we have to go to your Sams wedding in two days.

that when Katie and Steph looked at each other with an idea. a vary messy idea. THE END!

( Episode 4 cooming soon! )

please send in suggestions of Stories and situations our two lesbians must face.

from yours truly


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