Steph And Katie's Adventures Episode 2- The Family Reunion

Girls were going to be late,Hurry up shouted the Mrs Banks as the family was preparing to go a Family Reunion.Mr Banks needed to be there to cook on the grill becuase well he loves to grill food.Though the Banks are wealthy they like to go outdoors. Steph was wereing blue jeans with a old t shirt advertising Uncle Tonys Pizza. The same Pizza that started her lesbianism with her sister Katie.Steph walked into Katies room to find her wereing skin tight Pantyhose with no underware as she was pulling up her jeans.

Katie-Do you think this will be messy?
Steph-If the most of the wieght is in your ass crack then yes.
Katie-my favorite outdoor jeans….my favorite scating jeans.
Steph-so you have done Public poop before right ?
Katie-many times
Steph- so yoour not afraid to shit your self infront of our family
Katie-there will be a bulge.the food is yummy
(who the hell uses yummy as a term now a days)

the Family gets in the car and drives off. it is a 45 minute drive and with in 15 minutes Katie text Stephine that Josh was going to be there.Steph then gave a faceplam and Katie laughed.Josh is a step cousin of one of her Aunts. he has a perverted mind at the age of 13 and he is a bit heavy.he trys to empress girls by offering a dollar for sex.he also has a foot and scat fetish.just the tought of Josh being there made Steph feel ill about siting on the bench hes on before it breaks (DAMM HE’S FAT!)after haveing terrible thoughts Steph saw Katie open her legs and slip down the seat.KAtie then text to Steph that she is going right now.Katies eyes closed a little and you hear little moans.then Katie realized it was a false alarm and quickly got back up into the seat.

the Family then gets to the Reunion on time to eat with others at a picnic area.Katie and Steph then walk around the picnic area trying to get better phone service.they both walk behind big pine trees that were not see threw. Katie then looked around and placed her hand on Stephs ass.slowly she slid her hand down Stephs pants and starts feeling around

Steph-well i guess your hungry for me.
Katie-well i guess so becuase Josh is here now.

Katie the yanks her hand out of her sisters pants and the both walk slowly together.they got back to see Josh is more like fat albert then a grimis from Mcdonalds.

Josh-hay hay hay looking fine today .
(my representation of a white gangster ladies and gentlemen)

both sisters shocked at what they saw.both about to vomit in there mouths….yuck!

After the the picnic the adults then talked as the children play. the oldest child was 19 year old Andrew Lark. though he looked like a rapest he was a kind guy and and and Katies first lapdance…(Katie has a origin story)
other than that there were some 10 and 6 yearolds running around.Josh then saw and stared at Katies nice ass. Steph was with her along with
Andrew how also knew Katies secerts.

Steph-Josh is looking at you
Katie- dosn’t surprise me
Steph-you should shit your pants while he’s still looking.
Andrew-not in front of the other kids kate
Katie-well there are those Pine trees.
Andrew-well i guess i’ll get his fat ass over there to meet you.

Andrew and Josh came to the trees seconds after the little meeting and the group began to talk Josh then sat on the ground staring at Katies ass.
Katie then desided to bend over to think she was retieing her shoes and then she will release.but then Josh grabed katies pants and buried his face in it.Katie then moaned loadly as josh’s face of disgust slowly lifted his face from her ass.

Josh-Dammm someone still is a baby
Katie-well you don’t scare people like that
Andrew- Josh your a terrible pervert and you deserve no twinkies.
Josh-come on Steph help a brother out
Steph-since when are you a gangster?
Josh-fuck dis shit im out.

josh then watled over the snake table and landed in the cake.Katie and Andrew went to chat while Steph sat on a tree branch writing in her new Diary her and her sister started. as she was writing it she farted loadly and filled her panties she was filling her panties she wrote down many combinations of clothing the two will mess the sunset threw the pinetrees Steph then remembered there going to the Outer banks for vacation. Steph knew what color would look good in poo filled water.


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