Steph And Katies Adventures #6 – The New Girls Fetish part 2

fan Fiction*writin and created by the firefox

Last time Steph meet another girl with the same interest! but Steph was blown off bt Janes little promise(ohh hell no,breaking a pantypoop promise is by far an offence to the world…..being a storywriter takes its toll) So then steph saw operrtunity to stress out Jane..with dodge balls…who does it work (it seems every story has an wired second part introduction)
coach Ferns-ok were going to play dodge ball girls
Coach Ferns-well its the first day and you freashmen are not ready for this class until you play Ferns Dodgeball
girl2-how does that work?
coach Ferns- simple, you can run around the court to the other teams side
girl3-isnt that the poo rmans version of Dodgeball
coach Ferns- speaking of poor. you got your self a detention .

of cource Steph had a plan to try to stress the hell out of the gym girls were spit into two teams. Steph and Jane were on seperate teams.Steph looked determined to get Jane to snap.Jane was already stressed that the only person she knew in the school is on the other team (inception shit is going to happen).The teams got to there side of the gym and then coach blew the wistle the girls dashed to get the balls

once they got the balls they ran back to the start and then the games begin.
Steph then ran up in a charge to chase Jane around the court and hopefully stress herself.the class then comes to an end as its also the last class of the the changing room,Steph held back dressing quickly as the rest of the class was leaving and finishing up.

Steph-well….you still have a promise.
Jane-um…..there are still people around…
Steph- you whore your piss covered shorts into gym….and you cant poo in your shorts and not complain.
Jane-….fine…..i guees i must since i promised you.

Jane staddles on to her locker door and poos into her shorts.Steph easily noticed since the bulge was turning the yellow shorts into brown.the bulge then grows in radius (math term for you dummies out there) and forms a circle like shape in her pants.Steph pulls down her pants to see the damage. Janes panties were soaking and oozing with poo.

Jane-how bad is it?
Steph-its bueatiful.
Jane- hehe…now seriously how im i going to get home now without the mess.
Steph-what bus do you ride again?
Jane- bus 13
steph- OMG thats my same bus….ok…you need to throw away your panties.
Jane-throw them away?
Steph-and clean up using the schools restroom…you have about five minutes until the last bell rings

Jane cleans herslef up and goes with Stephine to the buses when the bell rung.after about a 30 minute ride Steph gets off the buss with her sister and they walk to there house.

katie-who was the girl you were sitting with?
steph-that was Jane.she moved here recently.
Katie-is she your new friend….
Steph-yes….she is intersted in what we do?
Steph- yes…i made her piss and shit her gym shorts
Katie-were you demanding?
Steph-she promised to poo herself
Katie-ok….were does she live?
Steph-down a few blocks
katie-walking distance…you should invite her over some time and we can… know..
Steph-i should…i should.


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  1. you might want to learn how to spell and write if your going to try using math terms and call people dummies. by the way the story sucked

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