Steph And Katies Adventure Episode 12: Girls Trip To Mcdonalds

Authors note- some of the content in this story contains lesbiaism,scat,and incest.(you were warned)

Today was an interesting day for Steph as she was at home sitting and watching television. she was still in her pajamas with her hiar a bit messed up.Katie comes running down the stairs looking spiffy, like she was going to meet someone,

Steph- hay Katie, what are you doing
Katie- were meeting an old friend.
Steph- Who?
Katie- Rachel Camron!
Steph- the old next door neighbor
Katie- yep, she called me since her new job is near here she is going to stop here and pick me and you up, if you get dressed.
Steph-when will she be be here
Katie- soon.

Steph rushed upstairs into her room and found blue panties, black yoga pants and a white hoodie to wear. ( Ohio chicks do dress like this) fixes her hair and runs downstairs to find Katie waiting.

Katie- yoga pants today, your ass looks good in them.
Steph- i would say the same but your wearing jeans
Katie- she is pulling in

Rachel was a blonde, with nice curvse, She is wearing extremely tight jeans. Steph saw Katie a bit horny for her. but Steph doesn’t know the secert between the two.perhaps Steph was wonder why this is happening. about ten minutes of the car ride Rachel Finaly parked the car at a Marcies Icecream store ( the store name not the distributers them self).

Rachel:you girls in the mood for some ice cream
Katie-oh yes

Rachel gets out of the car leaving Steph and Katie in the car

Steph-Rachel seems a bit more….
Steph- i know you two were together a lot years ago
Katie- we did, i forgot to tell you this but she has the same Fetishes as us.
Steph- really
Katie-yep, she taught me tricks for making a better mess in my panties, i shared the same knowledge to you when you tryed it.
Steph-holy shit this is strange
Katie- actually were outhere to hang out and…..maybe….messing our selfs
Steph-is that it?
Katie- and more (as she places her hand on Stephs leg)
Steph-im not too sure whats going on
katie- dont be

Rachel returns with Icecream and gives two cones to Steph and Katie

Rachel- now where is it you two want to go.
katie- Barkfeild park sounds nice
Steph- i guess what Katie said
Katie-yes, its private,calming,and peacefully
Rachel-ok then

on the car trip there, Steph keep silent and overheard the conversation between Katie and Rachel.thinking to her self, who the hell is this perosn that i use to know?

Rachel- i kinda feel a little desperate.
Katie-i kinda do too.
(steph not even speaking at this point)
Rachel-do you see that playground over there
Katie- yes i do
Rachel- how about all three of us go to it.
Katie- sounds great.

The three reach the playground to see a two little boys playing basketball. Rachel then sits on the slide and spreads her legs out. she then quickly pours piss into her tight jeans.

Rachel- oh my god this is fucking great…i have been holding this in since this morning.
Katie- girl please……i bet i can make a bigger mess

katie then rubs her self against the slide and follows suit to her friend and pees her jeans as well. pour slowly spearding and leaking throw her jeans.

Rachel- well guess who wins
Katie- i been wet inplaces i cant explain ( dear god)

Steph of cource was siting in front of them watching the two boys from the basketball court wonder over toward the playground.

Katie- hay Steph, you havent wet yourself yet
Steph-ohhhh yeah…about that
Rachel-come on dont be a party pooper
Steph-im not to sure about this…i thinnk i know one of those boys
Rachel- well

as Rachel walked behind Steph

Rachel- we will find a way(pintching Stephs ass)

steph then in some what of fear runs on the playset and crawels into a plastic tunnel. ultimately to be cornered by Katie and Rachel.

Katie- come on sis, here i might know what can make this better.

Katie then crawls on to Steph andstarts removing the hair covering her eyes. the two kisses in the tunnel witch has a plastic window giving the boys a glimps of what is happening.

Timmy- hay mike look
Mike- what
timmy-look,girls and there totally making out in the tunnel
mike-oh jesus this is hot
timmy-wait… of them look fimilar
mike-witch one?
timmy-lets see,mmm what possible lesbain highschools are there.
mike- Sarah becket
Timmy- nope, shes ugly
Mike- Ariana Glenn ? ( a reference to my other series gothic newborn)
Timmy-no shes to scary…and to messed up in the head
Mike- look now

both boys look to see that it was Steph and Katie

Timmy- oh god
Mike- the Bank Sisters are incest freaks
Timmy-wait…those are Joshes cousins.
mike- ohhh the ones how piss and shit them selfs
timmy- yeah….hurry get your phone out and take a video
mike-mmmm full battery.

Steph and Katie continue making out when Steph climbs on Katie and pissis on her jeans

Katie- jeez you are on something girl
Steph- you know what sugery does to me….
Katie-ohhhh a wild girl is here Rachel

Rachel reaches over to clamp Stephs ass and massage it a bit.

Rachel-mmm i have to poo now
Katie- get in here and shove your ass inbetween us
Rachel- hopefully im not alone
Steph- no your not
Katie- same here

Rachel then grunts and loads her jeans with poo.Katie and Steph grab each others butts and massaged them when they loaded there panties full of shit.

Mike-ohhh man this is hot
Timmy-yeah, qucik send it to Josh
Mike-with pleasure

however the sunn was going down….and the girls have been playing in the tunnel for hours qith wet and loaded pants.

Rachel then took Katie and Steph home.

Rachel- i had a really good time
Katie- we should do it more
Rachel- i love too
katie- goodbye
Rachel- bye

after pulling out of the drive way a phone call was missed on Stephs phone.she opens the message up and reads.

Josh: hay sexy, my friend manage to get some free porn of you and your sister. we will post it on youtube,facebook, and twitter if you do not do my following comands. oh and nice ass bitch, never knew shit covering it would make it better.

Katie looks over and reads the message. both in shcok and only have the choice of following Joshes commands.

what will happen next?

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  1. I think your stories are great, you should try proof reading them when you’ve finished just to iron out any missed sentences that’d make them even better! Can’t wait for the next part!

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