Starting From Scratch

The other day I was walking along our local beach in the late afternoon and there were very few people enjoying the last of the sunset. As I walked on, I saw a figure lying on their back with knees bent. When I got closer, I saw that it was a man, in fact, it was my old friend, Tom, whom I had not seen in many months. You may remember the story I wrote about Tom and I spending a weekend in a canoe, paddling down a river, and he was busting for a poo, except there was nowhere to beach the canoe at that point and I had a rear view of him filling his swimmers with a large soft load, which leaked out from the top of his waist band. As we were reminiscing on old times, I noticed that he kept on putting his hand to the front of his shorts. “So you’ve still got itchy balls”, I said. He told me that he suffered a lot with the itching. I told him that I, too, have the same problem, but that I have a remedy that soothes the itch after a while. I suggested that I should show him the remedy so that he might get some relief. He invited me to show him. He was not worried that my remedy involved touching his genitalia.
I eased my hand down the front of his pants, past his flacid penis until my middle finger felt his anus. Then I moved up, lightly scratching the loose skin of his scrotum with my finger nails, moving up slowly to the skin on the under side of his enlarging penis. I moved down again and started the procedure once more. By now, he was squirming in ecstasy as my scratching excited his prostate gland. When I reached his penis again, it had grown, considerably, in length and erection. I started stroking it and said it would feel better with some lubrication and suggested that he might provide a bit of poo to smear up onto his penis. My finger went down again to his anus as he started pushing, Soon I could feel that there was about an inch of poo to smear up and I covered his penis with the soft, slippery poo as I gently stroked his erection. He was moaning with delight at my massaging and with some deep breathing, he came with a strong squirt of cum into his shorts and over my hand. The remedy had been a success as he forgot all about his itching balls.

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