Start with a random observation about something we or I do when I have a so called “sighting”

Hi all. My first blog is just about something I noticed or didn’t notice today (probably didn’t lol). So I was sat on the bus on the way home from Christmas shopping and there was this guy with army trousers on sat accross the bus from me but close enough to be able to see out the corner of my eye. Not a looker or anything, just a normal not to be noticed guy. For some reason though he caught my attention just from sitting there. He had his legs parted and one hand holding the top of the chair in front and the other I don’t know where coz I didn’t stare but at first I thought it was on his crotch and that he may have at one point shuck his leg. I don’t remember actually seeing this leg shaking but I feel like I saw it out the corner of my eye maybe. Now that my attention was caught I done the descrete quick glance at him and then looked at him more out the corner of my eye and in the window reflection. At this point I thought, yeah you’re bein silly, he doesn’t need to pee really, you’re just imagining it. I thought to myself when I got off the bus how funny it is the way I check possible desperation situations out. It’s much more sneaky in my case than checking a good lookin guy out. When you’re checkin some guy’s body out, or their cute butt or their nice eyes or whatever you can just do a quick look or two and then laugh to yourself as you pass by (or try n get chattin if you’ve got the bottle and an excuse to approach them – depends on the mood you’re in). It’s so different for the desperation thing. You can’t exactly go over and say “I see you’re desperate to pee there” or “Having a lil trouble?” and you can’t do the giggle to yourself coz that would be nasty coz they might think you were laughing at their predicament. You can’t do the checking it out look back. I’m guessing some do that, but when I look back at the times I’ve been sneaky about watching guys who probably don’t even need to pee out of the corner of my eye and making up in my head that they do I just have to laugh at myself, lol. I might name my blogs “Waffle number ____” from now on coz that’s what I tend to do, waffle. Then again I don’t think I’ve got much to say about the topic of pee on a regular basis. Peein is good but holding it is better (how many ways can I say that? lol). Thanks for reading. Over n out (waves).

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  1. Thanks for the post, feel free to waffle all you want!

    I know exactly what you mean though, I am always look out for the signs of growing need in other people and even a small thing will have me picturing the person in question frantically grabbing themselves, losing the battle and having a major accident!

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