I woke up needing to take a dump. I was wearing tight underpants and over them pajamas. Immediately I squatted down kind of rocking up and down and swaying. As I was grunting I was spurting piss into my pants. Then the turds came out and fell into my pants creating a buckle/bulge. The resistance was somewhat there because my undies were tight. The turd was a long one which created that bulge and hang down. More urine released and eventually I rose up to feel the shit push up against my behind. Walking into the bathroom I stood in the tub and released all the piss into my pants. I was hard and ready to masturbate. After I finished dripping from the pee I started to walk around the house. The poop was bumping against my skin and then without much warning I felt my lower stomach cramp up . That usually is a sign that diarrhea is coming. Diarrhea didn’t come right away but instead another long one fell down into the first turds making a even larger bulge and buckle and mess. I am now EXTREMELY HAPPY! Big grin on my face because I PULLED IT OFF. The biggest one ever and I still had more to do. At this point I am extremely hard and desperate to masturbate. With this much shit in my pants I find a chair that has a cushion to it and sit down smashing this shit all over me. That was ecstacy feeling all that shit move around and all the way up to my balls. Then the last grunt produces the toddler BM. The soft mass of diarrhea that is not completely liquid but has some consistency to it. Now I really have a load in my pants and its also running down my leg. My right leg has flowing warm diarrhea trailing down it. Then I hump the carpeted floor and masturbate spewing white sticky goo cum all over the inside front part of my undies. I wanted to leave the shit in my pants longer so my roommate would see it. He is super hot looking. He makes me want to shit my pants every time I see his hot face because shit and masturbation go together for me.

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