Spectacular public pants pooping this morning

So the wife and I were busy this weekend and never got the chance to go grocery shopping, and I didn’t finish my laundry.  Being that right now I’m in between jobs that leaves me with a lot of time during the day when the wife is at work, so this morning presented an amazing opportunity, given that I woke up feeling the need to poop, I could tell it was going to be firm, and I had these errands to take care of (namely, shopping).

I got dressed in my white cotton briefs and loose-fitting khaki cargo shorts as its an unusually warm but rainy morning here in the midwest.

I made the decision to go to a grocery store in the next town over, one which I do not generally frequent but still not that far away, as I had to do a decent shopping and didn’t want refrigerated stuff to spoil.

It was a struggle along the drive, about 20 minutes, just holding it in as I had to go pretty bad.  I arrived at the grocery store and grabbed myself a cart as I needed a couple dozen things and also had some bottles I needed to turn in for refund.

I made it back to the bottle refund room at the back of the store and while depositing my bottles into the machine decided that I’d release the first little bit of poop.  I stood there and felt the turtle head of what was a pretty firm poop, nice consistency, begin to emerge into my briefs.  I failed to stop it though, and within seconds a orange-sized ball of poop was sitting in my briefs.  I felt the back of my cargo shorts briefly and felt like the loose fit would disguise the bulge a reasonable amount.

I began with my shopping, and was in the store for about a half an hour.  As its early morning here in Michigan, it wasn’t that busy, but there were people in about half the aisles I walked through.  I wonder if anyone suspected anything- they might have as I could smell the poop faintly a couple of times.

Once I completed my shopping I headed to the U-Scans and rang up my purchases. While scanning I added a little more onto my load, knowing that it wasn’t all there was to add.

Then I put my groceries into the cart and sat down on the drivers seat which felt nice. Along the way home I felt a second good sized wave of poop coming along.  First, I lifted my butt off the seat at a stop light and let out a little more poop, then I decided to get some gas, so I decided to be bold and stop at the station that’s around the corner from our apartment.

While my car filled up, I let out another load that was about half the size of the initial poop into my briefs.  The first load was kinda squished, but if all together it would have easily been a grapefruit-size bulge in my pants.  The new poop wasn’t quite as firm as the first but it was still a good consistency and was warm, so it felt great as I sat down on my drivers seat.

I drove the remaining couple minutes home and now, am writing this account.  Hope you enjoyed!

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