Sorry to disappoint.

A lot of guys like my video in which I’m very greatful, I wouldn’t make half of my videos if I didn’t get encouragement from the members. What I most get asked in the comments is “Why don’t you jerk off”? While pissing and shitting my pants is what I love most in my life in a personal respect the fact is it’s difficult  for me to get a hard-on most of the time due to the medication I take for my seizure condition. The slurred speech, fatigue, cloudy thinking and most of all the inability to get a hard-on easily. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I jerk off more than I should but it’s most easy when I lay down at night relaxed and think of my day and what I like about men in tight jeans with bulges in the back of their pants and the wet stain in the front.

I would give anything to get an unexpected boner when it’s most inconvenient and embarrassing and everyone would laugh at me because I couldn’t control myself. Maybe even use it to show some hot guy that I like him without saying a word, of course if I wasn’t on this medication I would be able to speak clearly and wouldn’t be shy like I am to say something clever to a guy to get his attention. This is my burden to carry and I certainly don’t want to complain. I just regret not giving my adoring fans what they ask for! Certainly I’m just kidding, of course, a shy guy like me wouldn’t be so bold! Anyway, that just came to mind and I thought I should share given my selfless nature! ……I do have an inappropriate sense of humor though. Ta.

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  1. I think your pics and videos are great! I can’t always get off anymore when I want to either, but it’s always fun to try!!

  2. your vids are the best, wouldn’t want you to waste your time with ordinary jerk-off. I savor all of your vids 🙂

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