Some fun P3

After a while cuddling and kissing and sobbing our soiled briefs, we decide it was time to go to the shower. We started to clean each other with the water. As he was cleaning my ass I felt his dick getting harder. I looked at him and felt his finger entering my ass again, then two then three. With the shit as lube, it was easy. He whispered in my ears
-Are you a bottom?
-No. But I’m versatile.
-I really want to penetrate this ass of yours.
-I really want you to do it.
He opened a bag which was with the towels and took out a condom. I took it and put it in his cock, but before I started sucking his dick again. I stood up and put my ass next to his dick.
-Please, do it now. I need that cock inside of me.
I felt his cock entering me as I moaned of pure pleasure.
-Do you like it?
So he started fucking me. We still had our dirty briefs on, and I was sobbing his back bulge of shit while we both moaned toghether. He took my cock and started masturbating me. I was in pure extasy, a good looking boy fucking my ass and masturbating me as I touched his dirty ass after pooping and pissing toghether in our pants. I never thought this was actually possible outside my fantasies. I think we were fucking for 20 minutes or half an our, but it seemed too short for me. I felt him cumming and at the same time, I shoot my load, and we shouted, we were both in paradise. He put out his cock of my butt, I removed the dirty condom and sucked the cream out of that dick which had given me so much pleasure that afternoon.

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  1. I enjoyed very much reading your 3 parts of that “Some Fun” story. Makes me horny thinking of it!

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