Some fun P2

-Hi! I replied. It’s really cold outside. I need some warm!
-I can give you that- He replied getting closer to me.
We start kissing each other and went to the living room. There he grab my dick under my jeans and underwear and as I had already pissed a little, said:
-It seems you couldn’t wait, uh.
-Actually not. I really need to piss.
-Then go on, he said with an evil smile.
I knelt started pissing while he was touching my dick and bulge over my jeans and kissing my neck.
I pissed for over a minute. I had totally soaked my pants and his T-shirt. We started kissing again with his hand grabbing my dick when he said in my ear
-I also need to piss
-Then go on, I replied with an evil smile looking at him.
I put my hand at the bottom of his jeans and I felt the warm liquid and kissed and liked his neck in my turn. He pissed also pretty much. When he finished he said:
-Wow. I never thought this could be so hot. I’ve never been so horny.
-I’ve neither tried it before, although I have wank many times thinking of this.
-I have to poop. Do you want me to soil my briefs?
-Yes! Do it for me.
I grabbed his dick and started giving him a blow job as I looked at his face and touched the back of his briefs and felt the bulge growing up. He was moaning out loud as he pushed a solid but soft log into his white (now yellowish) briefs. Three times he moaned as three logs landed in his briefs. I stopped sucking his piss flavoured dick and kissed him.
-It’s the first time since you were little that you shit your briefs, right?
-Yes. It’s absolutely amazing.
-Now sit down.
He did it as he moaned again.
-Aaah. It feels great.
-Yes, it does. Now suck my dick; I said as I put my dick directly into his mouth.
He started sucking anxiously my dick and I started pooing my pants. He put his hand in my jeans and massaged as I crapped myself. When I finished I took his chin and we kissed each other mouth, chest, nipples… until we finished doing a 69 in a flake of our piss. I was sucking him as I felt his finger exploring my ass and I couldn’t avoid moaning loudly. He was sucking my dick and fingering my dirty ass, and I did the same with him. We did that until he said he was close. I asked him to cum in my face, and ten seconds later, his white cream splashed in my cheek. He asked if I was close to come and I replied yes, and he started masturbating me as I moaned, and when I started to cum, he put my dick into his mouth and sucked all my jizz out of my cock. I looked at him and saw his mouth and lips plenty with my milk. I laid on him as we kissed and cuddled, just with our dirty briefs.

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