Some fun P1

The other day I was pretty bored so I opened Bender to see if I find someone to have a nice time with. I saw one profile of a 21 years old guy, which was called “some fun” and in the description, just “nice guy”. So I ask him what does he understand for “some fun”. A little later, he texted back. “The ususal: hanging over, go to some parties, sex.”
-And what do you like for sex? Are you up to something dirty?
-Mmm.. nice. I’m talking about pissing in our underwear and piss over each other and stuff like that. Do you like it?
-No, that’s too much for me.
-Oh. Pity. I think is not too much. Too much would be drinking piss, or shitting in faces or something like that. XD
Then we stopped talking until half an our later, he wrote to me again.
-Do you really like this things?
-No. I mean, I like to piss in my pants, and to poop in them but that’s it. I absolutely don’t like anything involving my mouth with these things.
-But I have never tried it with another guy. What? Does the idea seems hot to you?
Then I sent a photo of my briefs pissed with a hard on.
-Do you find it hot?
And then I passed another picture with my briefs shitted and also a hard on.
-And this?
-Hell, yes! Even more than the other one! Do you have place?
-No. And you?
-No 🙁
-Oh. So what do we do?
-Tomorrow afternoon I will be alone until six or seven. Do you want to come here?
-Nice! I’ve been thinking about it and I want you to piss your pants while I touch them.
-I will. And then I will poo in them.
-I definitely want to suck that dick with than bulge on your back.
-And will you poop your pants too?
-Is it pleasant to do it?
-Definitely yes!
-Then I will do it. Actually I want to poop right now, but I will hold it until tomorrow.
So he gave me his direction, and we agreed to meet at his house the next day.

Usually I take a shit, a wank and a shower before going to bed, but I didn’t shat neither wank. The next day I was waiting all the morning to go there to finally do dirty things with someone. I ate soon and then went to his house. I was already bursting to pee, for I had been drinking all the morning. Actually, I had already wet my briefs a little bit, but my jeans were still dry. He opened the door and say hi.

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