Solo Shitfucking.

It sucks being in an area where there aren’t many pigs around my each to experiment with. So sometimes I have to get creative with myself in order to satisfy my shitty cravings. I took my favorite dildo out of hiding (a good size, about 8 inches and a nice girth) and thought I’d have some fun with it. First I started with some saliva as lube and began to finger myself, increasing from one finger to two, then three in order to get myself loosened up. When I was done my fingers were lightly streaked with brown but nothing more. I didn’t know what I was gonna expect. 

I managed to get the head of the dildo in and it felt amazing. My cock was rock hard as I slowly sat down on it. I felt a rumble in my stomach and a gurgling noise so I figured I’d hit the jackpot. As I started to ride it I noticed it was getting progressively easier and easier to take, and as I began to pump the full dildo in and out, I started releasing pockets of stinky gas with every pump. These turned into the occasional shart here and there, but I didn’t expect what was to come next. I pulled out the dildo and every inch was covered in creamy, delicious smelling shit. Even the base was covered. I took one look at it and then put the whole thing in my mouth. I gagged a bit and I think I threw up, but it was still so hot I couldn’t help myself. 
I left some of the poop on there as lube and shoved it back up my nasty ass. I laid on my back and began pleasuring myself as leaks of shit splashed everywhere around me. It was so hot. I started to jerk myself off, really pounding my ass with my dildo, fucking myself senselessly until I felt myself getting close. I took the dildo out, shoved it back in my mouth, and took some of the shit from my hole and put it on my cock. I jerked myself off and within a minute I was cumming on my chest. I took the dildo out of my mouth and realized how much of a filthy faggot I am. 
It was really hot, but it also made me sad that I haven’t found a hot stud to get nasty with. 🙁

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  1. Wish I lived close by; we could really do some "crazy" SHIT!!

  2. loved that story. I’ve done the same with my huge dildo. Its an amazing feeling putting it in your wet mouth when its full of your fresh hot shit. it makes me super horny and so ready to get fucked over and over!! would love kissing my lover after eating a big piece of his desirable shit.

  3. Wow nasty boy. That’s hot. Wish I was there to fuck u senselessly with my dick. Would love for it to be covered in ur creamy poop til down to my balls. Love it.

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