Solitary Pooping

This scenario took place while I was serving in the forces overseas. It was on a warm Sunday afternoon and there was little activity in the camp. I was leaning on the rail of our veranda of our billet block, just watching a few souls wandering about the camp, when my eye caught a young boy from the married quarters who would have been about 12 years old and who was dressed quite smartly in a white shirt and a pair of white dress shorts. He seemed to be looking for something or somewhere, and he kept on putting his hand to his bottom.

My initial thought was that he is desperate for a poo and is trying to make it to the toilet. Just then, he walked over to a shed and leaned with his back against the wall. After a short while, I am sure that I saw something fall out of the leg of his shorts. It turned me on to think that he had probably just done a poo in his pants. He then walked away from the shed as if nothing had happened.

After he had gone, my inquisitive nature made me go down to where he had been, to have a look. When I got there, I saw two firm turds on the ground and I thought to myself, “I wonder if his butt still need wiping and if there are any stain marks inside his shorts”.

As I think of this scenario today, it still turns me on to think that this boy had casually leant against the wall and pushed a firm load into his shorts, allowing the poop to drop to the ground. He could not have been wearing underpants.

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  1. Thanks for the great story! When I played alone, I always pooped my pants, then went somewhere private to unload them. Of course, sometimes it would be soft and messy, then I’d be in trouble, but I was resourceful and learned how to hide a clean pair of undies, and rinse out the dirty ones, lol.

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