Solied underwear

I was DIYing as usual on Friday (plaster boarding) when I had a genuine mini accident. As I picked up a piece of plasterboard my backside let out some poo which proceeded to ooze its way down my crack as I screwed the plasterboard in place. By the time I had finished the last screw I needed to take an urgent poo – I dropped my trousers and let go in my underpants. I was surprised by the amount and then a wicked thought entered my mind – why don’t I leave my soiled underpants out in the street for all to see? I’m afraid in evening I left I left them in a clearly visible location but not on the public highway for any observant person to see. They have been there for two days so far without interference.

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  1. well man, if i’d a seen them you can bet i would have taken them home, stripped naked and slowly pulled them up my legs till my coc, balls and azz were right were yours were, dirty and nasty and i’d a gotten a hube bone and jacked off wearing them

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