My favorite topic is solid poop. I had a solid poop “accident” happen at school in 7th grade. I felt like I may have to go #2 after lunch but it wasn’t like it would be I can’t hold it and it is going to be diarrhea either. I went to my next class and in there I felt it come on again so I asked to be excused. My teacher was pretty and I at first thought in front of her might be cool. Like just grunt hard and push it out like my friend did in third grade. He stood up from his seat and grunted and pushed his long solid turd into his pants on purpose. It was so cool to see the bulge his poo made. So I got to leave the classroom. I walked away from the door and around the corner where some lockers were and then my mind said ” No I am going back to that class and stand right in front of my teacher and do it in my pants”. I put my hand on my lower stomach and felt a slight bulge. Eeew, usually that means there is something waiting to come out and that something is a long one. I walked back into the classroom and sat down in my seat. I then stood up facing the teacher and the chalkboard and started to grunt out my shit. A solid turd was flowing out and it was soft too. I had just left to use the toilet so my teacher was in disbelief that I was shitting in my pants. It was like doing it in front of mommy in your pants. From the first day of school until that day I really wanted her to change my poopy pants. It was so cool I now had a giant load in my pants and I was escorted out of the room by her. When I got in the hallway outside the classroom she asked me why I did that in her class. I told her because I wanted her to change me.

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  1. I’ve pooped my pants before it really does feel amazing when you sit in it and it is mashed in your ass crack and pussy

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