Soldier shitting in marching

I had been in reserved army for 3 years. I also poop in my camo uniform a lot. It was fun. no matter diarrhea or wet fart. I never miss a chance to let it out. Sometime I sneak into restroom looking for others poop too. One day during parade. we were told to wear diaper inside uniform. I witness one guy who had diarrhea. I was very excited to see grown up men wearing a full green uniform with diaper as an underpants. He moaning and try to keep it cool. After half an hour he didn’t make it, He knew what he have to do. I can hear wet fart as his shit squirming his butt. all our friend feels sorry for him. It was getting worse when we had to marching in line, Then after army ceremony was over he told us that his poop had spread out inside his green trouser , but it didn’t seep through outside. Our full army uniform has double layer of fabric , That’s the hidden properties of soldier uniform, don’t let others know that you have poop in your neat uniform. After marching had done I follow him to toilet to see poop inside his uniform. There’s some skid mark inside trouser. It’s really turn me on so hard that I jerk in my pants.

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  1. Thank you! I’ve always been curious about what happens in the army when someone has to poop or to pee!
    I have some more questions for you:
    When you pooped in your camo uniform and you had diarrhea, was it noticeable from the outside? OK that those pants had 2 layers of fabric, but since diarrhea is liquid I guess it showed on the exterior side… And what about the smell? Did you poop deliberately when you were with the other soldier? Did they notice the smell? What did they say?
    Now let’s talk about piss. I always wondered how do soldiers can hold pee for such long time! Have you ever peed in your camo pants? Was it noticeable? Did other soldier pee themselves too? Was it quite common peeing in pants?
    Thank you!!

  2. I have the same question as iluvcell : do soldiers wear very often diapers under their uniform, especially when marching ? ( I do think so, but I’d like to be sure…)

  3. Soldier wear diapers only when they feel sick. Already had an diarrhea. Sometime they wear it when doing a long duty such as marching, guarding, scouting. only half of them wearing it, some soldier don’t wear because they feel silly or else.

    I do often poop in pants when I was soldier, especially when I had diarrhea. but only when I’m alone. those camo pants show a lot sign of diarrhea poop stain. only a skid mark can be invisible.

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