Soaking With Nighty

Yesterday I met one of my friends and she said she had a great time with washing her car. This is the story in her words “yesterday morning I decide to wash my car when I wake up in the morning and I already decide to take a bath after finishing the car wash, so I take the water hose and start the washing and rinsing the car, ohh it’s cool.,. When I rinsing the roof my nighty was soaked with soap water and my cloth was stick to my body, then I cant’ wait to washout the soap bubbles in my nighty so I just sprayed the water form hose directly to the nighty to wash them off. After finishing the car wash I realize there is no point to go inside and take bath, so I hold the water hose top on my head and wait until my nighty and body until wet and took a great outdoor clothed shower at garden. That was awesome experience shower with clothes” she said she will do it again 

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