So I went to walmart the other day…

So I am a 26 year old Guy, and have loved pooping and peeing my pants, preferably jeans and tighty whities, since I can remember. Recently, however, I have been having more ACTUAL accidents..!

So the other day, too scared to actually buy any, I went to walmart and “acquired” a pair of boys XL Goodnights Briefs. Cool thing, they look like real Boys Briefs, just with plastic inside! 😉

To be continued!! 😀

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  1. Actually, there just “inside-labeled” “Goodnites”, but I found them in the Boys Underwear Section @ Walmart, in a VERY normal looking Boys Briefs Underwear Pack with OTHER pairs as well, with different striped colors too. 😉

  2. I had a pee pee accident in wal mart today while my daddy was buying me a potty to learn on…guess it’s back to diapers for me!

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