So I told my husband…

My husband and I have been married almost a year now. This fetish.. This part of my life, has been with me for as long as I can remember and I haven’t told a soul. I felt really guilty keeping this from him and hiding what I do in my own house. 

First of all, let me just say that my husband is an amazing person anyway. He’s always been understanding, compassionate, and open minded. He is also bisexual, though we are in a monogomous relationship. The simple fact that he is so amazing only amplified my guilt, so I sat him down last night. 
I told him about my proclivities, how long they’ve been going on, and how intensely they made me feel. At first he laughed, and I started to get a bit embarrassed. He noticed and immediately stopped. He then proceeded to tell me that it was fine, that he has actually pissed himself a few times and masterbated! He said that it was how worked up I seemed over it that made him laugh, when it wasn’t a big deal at all. He’s not really into pooping, but said it was no big deal if I was. It gets better..
So as we started talking more in depth, I told him about what specifically I enjoy about it. He then proceeds to tell me that he would like to make this a part of our sex life! He mentioned a couple scenarios he liked, such as my peeing through underwear onto him, him trying to pee inside me, and he wants to try being a human toilet for my pee. I am so happy, and lucky to have someone like him to complete me. Not only is he with me through all the turmoil and emotional stresses of life, he supports what physically gets me going and is willing to participate. Anyway, just wanted to brag a little and share my excitement. Hope you all get this lucky in your walk through life with significant others. 

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  1. Why not do this–eat reeeeeal good for a couple of days, stick a dulcolax up your ass, then youand him go for a long walk in secluded woods or a long drive?

  2. Wow… you are a lucky girl and your husband is a really lucky guy. I hope you have fun together with this. I only wish I had someone like you to play around with.

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