I love when it snows. By far the best thing about it is messing myself in it.

I get all dressed up in a pair of boxers, then long johns, then sweats, then snow pants and a jacket. After some coffee I’m just about ready to go.

I then go outside and plop down in the snow. I start to make snowballs and generally act like a kid while the pressure builds down low.

When the time is right I let out a big stinking mushy load into my pants. I make sure to sit down and squish the hot wet load around in my multiple layers of clothing. It feels soooo fucking good to know about there’s a big mushy pile of poopy in my pants.

Soon after I always have to pee, so I sit down in the snow bank and let the warm liquid flow into my pants until it pools on my bum. Once I move the warm slimy stinky mess begins to slide all around, down my legs and thighs.

By this point I’m usually rock hard so I lay on my stomach and thrust into the soft snow. Soon the sloshing dirty warm mess is smooshing all over and thuroughly soiling my pants. I only last a minute or so before busting a hot sticky nut into the front of my pants. I always lay around and enjoy the mess for awhile before going back inside.

Clean up kinda sucks, but damn the orgasm is amazing. Anyone else ever tried this?

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  1. Snow pooping… Good description.
    I too have gone for walks in the winter and pooped but never went this far.
    Sweat pants and long johns are super for pooping. The logs can stay long and drag down the leg which pulls the front tight! (How would I know).

  2. It feels so good when you have a big load of soft warm poop flowing into your underpants and spreading all over your ass and other bits.I love to grind it while it is warm

  3. I like it too to shit my sweatpants under my snowpants. So nice feeling to keep all the shit and piss secret.

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