Smells Of The Cinama (Steph And Katie Adventures 11)

January this year is damn cold. low temperatures and blankets of snow have covered Woodspring since the town sits near lake the weather outside became more cold, The messy panties of Steph and Katie on the other hand Warmed them up.What has happended since we last saw these Two twins? Well let me start from then back into November to right now.

our story begins in Janes house as Steph was satying at Janes overnight.

Steph- This pizza is too hot.
Jane-it kinda giving me a stomach ach
Steph- me too.
Jane- im really glad i didn’t get Pregnant from being Raped at the dance.
Steph- i will never go to a high school middleschool combo dance again.
Jane- i was honestly scared when that happened.
Steph- same here.
Jane- what time are we meeting your sister at the cinema.
Steph- around 7. what time is it now
*Jane and Steph stand up*
Jane- 6:30 we need to get ready
(they get ready for the cinema. Steph glanced at Janes legs and find them attractive. she then looks up her legs and and see Jane wereing really tight jeans, the way she moved her bum. Steph was excited to be with her and more excited with a full tummy, Steph knows she might get messy.

after detting droped of by Janes mother Katie waits inside with the tickets to Mama (i hope thats the correct damn title)

Katie-i thought you two were going to be late?
Steph-were not, let go see the movie
Jane- what about snacks?
Katie- i allmost forgot.i have the candy in my pocket.
Steph-lets go were going to miss the movie.

They run hoping to make it in time and quickly went to the upper back of the room and say in the left corner of the room

after an 1 hour and 23 minutes Katies stomach began to ach as so did Janes and Stephs.

Katie-i guess were all feeling it.
Steph- yeah.
Jane-im going now.
Steph- wow
Katie- usualy im the one to go first, someones competing.
Jane-here it comes

Jane face glows red but she latter relaxes herself as the other two hear. a long poo now grew in Janes tight jeans and was growing ever so slowly.Steph (already horny for Jane) reaches over and touches her ass, feeling her and her poo. Katie leaned back and just let it all out instantly as Steph watched the poo in her pants move in her panties on to her pussy.Katie looked like she was done messing.Steph then spanked Jane as she still continued to push more poo out. Steph then starts to relax. JAne puts her hand in Stephs pants and wiggles her finger in her butt, Then all of a sudden, Janes hand was covered in poo as Steph sudenly anf forcefully push out what ever it was in her anus.

Katie-shit we made a mess
Steph- and we still have a movie to watch.
Jane- well the movie sucked anyway.

After the movie Katie droped off Steph and Jane at Janes house and Katie drives home and pulls into the driveway and walks in the house. she notices that theres a message on the awnsering machine. she walks over and hears the missed messages. she was board , but then a message from someone came on. she noticed her voice and the message was

* Hello Katie

this is Rachel , you probably remember me and you lived next door to each other. until we moved to Colorado. Im going to bemoveing back to Woodspring becuase of recent Job oppertunitys, i know me and you were good friends and i know your three years younger than me but we still had fun together, i also remember your other sister……….whats her name….ohhh….Stephine, she was cute.if you want to contact me i would love to see you and the rest of your family again. i hope to hear from you soon.t hankyou and have a good day. *

Katie smiles slowy realizing her childhood friend other than Sara was cooming back. she then galups over to the batroom abd cleans herself up and takes a shower wondering where her friend from many years ago has been and wonder if she will still like her.

the end


until part 2 comes out


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