Changed my profile picture to reveal a recent smash job. I loaded my pants in public and then I sat down in it. I always after filling my pants with any size amount of shit, take the time to sit in it. I LOVE TO SIT IN MESS. What a feeling of poop all over my rear end and up my crack. My goal is to go in front of pretty girls. They will smell it and run away. It’s fun to watch their faces wondering who stinks. Then seeing it could be me and making jokes with their friends. Success! There was four cute girls. Two asian and two latino …all pretty and they made me want to have a load in my pants. I had to go so I pushed and grunted and it went plop in my pants more than once. Yay, it was a load and I sat in it and squished around on the hard seat making a brown streak on the top outer pants. Very noticeable that I shit myself. They smelled it and I stood up and they saw the stain streak and laughed making comments and ran away. I made other girls smell it before I left the mall. Then the ride home smashing it more. It was fun!

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  1. Smashing story lol. I love to slowly fill my panties and sit on it and rock and roll until it is spread all over my ass and inside my panties is totally brown.When I get home I get me hand in there and spread it over my belly too and then grab more to spread on my tits and just rub all that soft warm poop to make me totally horny.

  2. Nicely added Debbie, I reckon you must have plenty more filthy stories of playing, smashing and smearing all that poop around too! 🙂

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