Sleep pills – fiction

It was eight in the afternoon. The sun was slowly going to sleep, hiding behind the trees, the sky was getting darker and darker with every minute passing. As it was monday, the whole town was slowly preparing to sleep, all fair people preparing to rest after the day at work.
The phone vibrated as text message came. Kate smiled to her customer, passed him trousers he bought, and found her smartphone under the desk.
“Finished?” – it was her friend and flatmate Claire.
“Nah, we’re closing at 9. What’s up?”
“Nothing. Just send me a msg when you’re finished” – Claire replied
“OK. Go get some sleep girl, did you sleep tonight? You looked terrible in the morning”
No reply came to Kate, so she focused on her job. It was important day, because today regional manager visited the store, and Kate worked very well for pretty long time, and her bosses saw it, she expected at least better salary, or even a promotion.
Another minutes passed, phone vibrated again.
“Finished?” – Claire again.
“Almost. We’re closing.”
“Could you get me some sleep pills?”
Something had to be wrong. Kate knew, that her friend and flatmate Claire couldn’t sleep last night, some nightmares after her parents died in an accident. Last time abounded in hard experiences, like loosing whole family, heavy accident during the party last weekend. It seemed pretty understandable, that she wanted to “help” her sleep.
When Kate finished her shift, closed the shop and headed to the drug store. She got some strong sleep pills and a bottle of water.
– Hey baby, how do you feel? – she welcomed Claire laying on her bed in house.
– I’m okay, just give me the pills. I can’t sleep, still dreaming about this all.
– Here you go – she handed her pills and water – But please, don’t take too much of this. They are strong, I don’t want to visit you on the ER.
– Okay.
Claire got up and headed to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror, and saw that last time gave her hard lesson. She gained some weight, and as she was rather slim earlier, now there was little of fat on her belly, her breats were bigger, and her panties and bra seemed a little bit too small for her. She quickly looked at the pills, and didn’t even read anything inside, just took three of them and drank almost whole 1 litre bottle of water.
– *Sigh* Now we’re going to sleep – she told to the mirror and sat on closed toilet, waiting for sleep to come.
*Knock, knock*
– Hey, are you there? – it was Kate’s voice behind the doors
– Mhmmm? – she mumbled in reply. The world was slowly spinning, Claire’s eyes were closing themselves. She was loosing control over her body. She burped and farted silently.
– Open the door! You can’t sleep in the bathroom.
With the last strenght left, Claire lifted her hand and rotated the lock. Kate came in, and saw her Claire only in her underwear, almost sleeping, sitting on the closed toilet. She couldn’t get any contact with her, asked some questions, slapped her face few times, but Claire was totally out. She looked at the pills and saw that three were lacking. Although, there was written with pretty big, red letters: “One pill at the time”.
– Great – she whispered. – Come on, my lady!
Kate was definitely too small and to weak to carry Claire to the bedroom, but she had to. She couldn’t leave her in cold bathroom sleeping for god know how long, and Claire definitely didn’t want to cooperate, didn’t even stand on her feet. Somehow, after few minutes she was lying in her bed again, on her belly, just in case of overdose vomiting.

Claire dreamed. It was hot and sunny. Palms everywhere, all people only in her shorts, girls in bikini. She knew that place. It was in Egypt, where she was with her parents when she was 18. The scenery changed. She was under water, diving in the swimming pool in hotel. Her mum smiling to her, showing her father seeking for lost key on the bottom of the pool. “Why not pee in the pool?” she heard her mind whispering. “Oh, okay, hahaha!”. Her bladder was full. She decided to go to the farthest corner of the swimming pool and let it go there.
“Ahhhh!”, it was a great feeling. Her pee came into the water, making her bottom hot. Big pleasure. Then a small bubble of air came out of her, and quickly ran up and to the atmosphere.

– Claire, what are you doing? Damn. No! Stop it! – Kate started to panic, when she saw small, wet spot on Claires purple panties. She tried to find some tissues, but then a full stream came out of Claire, quickly turning her panties dark purple. Small gush was dropping through the panties near Claires vagina, making nearly half of the bed totally wet. Claire was smiling through her dreams. A long, silent fart came out then.
– No, please, you just pissed, but don’t poop please!
Then she hurried to the bathroom to take some toilet paper. She didn’t know what could she do, but it’s definitely better to have it that not to have it.

Claire was full, although there still was half of her plate full of curry, chiken, rice. She couldn’t finish it, but open bar in hotel was too tasty and too… cheap? Free, you should tell. All inclusive holidays…
Scenery changed again. She was running towards her room, barely holding her sphincter closed.
– Ahhh, no. No! – she whispered. A small quirt squirmed through her clenched buttcheeks, dirtying her panties. She reached the doors, quickly locked the bathroom and sat on the toilet, letting the moster out. A true waterfall of diarrhea came out, splattering all over the toilet. She looked down on her panties. A small mark of poop was smeared on them.

Kate woke up. Claire was mumbling through her dreams. She was farting, farting a lot. You could say, farts were coming like from machine gun. Whole room stank. Suddenly, a small bulge formed on purple panties of Claire. Kate freezed. Fast as never, she grabbed toilet paper and got to Claire, uncovering her back a little bit, trying to hold her poop with the tissue. But that was nothing. Full attack of diarrhea occured, so Kate only managed to take her hand out of Claire’s panties. With muffled fart soft, sticky, but not waterly diarrhea came out, automatically. It wasn’t good. Kate didn’t manage to fit Claire’s panties well, so most of first strike dripped down on the bed, dirtying whole Claire’s ass, vagina and panties, forming a small puddle between her legs, sized like a big egg. Clogging her nose, with toilet paper on her hand Kate grabbed Claire’s panties and frame them on her booty, so next spurt of diarrhea, if even happened, would be stopped. Claire mumbled again. A loud grumble from Claire’s stomach announced what was about to come next. Her stomach spasmed, her back lifted few inches, then a loud fart, and long, very long sound of crackling came. Claire’s purple panties bulged, and on their stiches on both sides you could see light brown poop making it’s room. The bulge was not huge, diarrhea was dripping again, and Claire didn’t stop. Crackling noise continued, panties couldn’t hold this, puddle between her legs was now size of big orange, and bulge in panties was enormous. Claire sighed through her dreams.
Kate watched all of this happen, couldn’t believe her eyes. Second time during 10 days her best friend totally messed herself. Now she was sitting next to her, petting Claire’s hair. She felt her bladder was under pressure. She needed to pee as well. A strange idea came to her hed. If her friend peed and pooped herself while sleeping, why wouldn’t she do the same? No difference, the bed is wasted anyway. She sat comfortably, spear her legs and stroked between them. With a long sigh she pushed her bladder. Black leggings quickly turned wet. The feeling was awesome. Great warmness, wetness continued, Bed under her was wet, also wet were here all leggings, from her back to the knees. She was happy and sad at the same moment, pleased and frightened. Pleased because it was a nice feeling to have her panties wet and warm, but frightened, because she just pissed herself on purpose and… She liked it.

When Claire woke up she couldn’t believe what happened. Kate tried to tell her that she overdosed her sleep pills, but Claire still wasn’t sure. It took her over 3 hours to clean herself, then her clothes, then her bedclothes, then her bed. She never knew that her friend Kate peed on purpose, because she cleaned her mess earlier, when Claire was still sleeping.

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