Sleep Over pt. 1

Peter and Jay were now officially an openly gay couple. They were well-hung lads, and loved to see each other wet. 

Peter was sitting at home in his house in his nighttime diaper. Peter had been born with bedwetting issues. He had seen many doctors, but none of them knew why he hadn’t grown out of it many years ago.

Peter flipped through the channels on his flat screen TV. His parents were out of town for a week on a cruise, and he figured this would be the best time to have Jay over, and get horny and wet themselves. Peter began to doze off until he heard the phone ring. It was Jay.

“Hello?” Peter said.

“Hey, tonight is the night. I bought a bunch of stuff for tonight,” Jay said happily.

Peter smiled and said, “Good, my parents won’t be home in three days, we defiantly can have horny pee fun.”

“Alright, see you at 5 tonight,” Jay said seductively, then hung up. Peter returned to the couch and rubbed the part of his diaper that was covering his cock.


At around 3 Peter began to set everything up. There was a mattress downstairs he brought up and then covered it with a plastic sheath. He then brought his diapers and waters into his room. Peter then got ready He grabbed a pair of very tight fitting boxer briefs and laid them on the bed. He then reached in his closed and took a pair of denim skinny jeans. He returned to his drawer and pulled out a blue, tight fitting, shirt. Peter pulled his underwear over his flaccid cock, and then his jeans. He yanked his shirt over his head and then returned to the couch.


At 5 the doorbell rang. Peter hadn’t realized but he had given himself a raging hard on. His bulge wasn’t too bad but it was defiantly noticeable. He shoved a hand in his pocket and ran to the door. Luckily, Jay’s parents were not with him. Jay had two bags in his hand.

“Told you I have presents,” Jay said with a huge grin. Peter led Jay into his room. Peter’s room was blue with random posters, he had switched the bed mattresses, and the one on his bed now was covered with plastic. There were diapers, and baby powder on the floor, as well trash bags taped down covering the floor.

“Wow you set up,” Jay said. Peter grinned.

“What’s in the bags?” Peter asked. Jay dropped the bags and opened the first one. He pulled out girl panties, pull-ups, plastic bags, condoms, waters, diapers, plastic pants, and Speedo’s.

“Oh my god,” Peter exclaimed.

“You like?” Jay asked. Peter nodded. “Ooo, someone’s hard,” Jay teased. Jay went over and grabbed Peter’s bulge. Peter moaned. Jay unbuttoned Peter’s pants and pulled them to the floor. Peter’s underwear was tented out as far as it could go.

“I’m going to cum,” Peter whispered. Jay put his hand on Peter’s cock and then wrapped his fingers around the tip. He began to rub Peter.

“Lay down,” Jay commanded. Peter was obedient like a faithful dog. Peter laid down on the trash bag covered floor. Jay sat next to him and then pulled Peter’s underwear from his cock. Peter’s 9-inch cock was released from his underwear. Peter moaned as Jay rubbed his cock. Peter was reaching his climax; he couldn’t hold his cum in any longer. With one final moan Peter released, cum shot from the tip of his penis onto Jay’s hand.

“The fun has begun,” Peter s aid. Peter pulled his underwear and pants back on and stood up. Jay stood up as well. All of the sudden Jay reached for his cock. Peter looked at him. Peter walked over to all of the items laid out on the floor and grabbed a diaper.

“Lay down on my bed,” Peter whispered in Jay’s ear.

“I’ve been holding my pee for 2 hours,” Jay groaned. Jay stumbled over to the bed while holding his crotch tightly. Jay begged for Peter to take car of his pants because if he moved his hands he would begin to piss. Peter pushed Jay onto the bed and removed his pants and underwear carefully. Jay had his penis in a tight grip. Peter decided to torture him a bit. Peter removed his pants and underwear and got on the bed. Peter then sat on Jay’s swollen bladder.

“What are you doing?” Jay cried. Pee began to spurt from the tip of Jay’s penis. “I can’t control it anymore!” Jay cried. Tiny pee spurts came out. Peter got up and put the diaper on Jay. Peter then laid on top of Jay as he peed all over the diaper. Peter could feel the diaper getting wet and warm. After about two minutes the pee subsided. After witnessing that Peter realized he had to pee quite badly too. Jay began to remove his diaper. Peter quickly snatched it from him and put it over his own cock. Jay looked puzzled, but then he heard the sound of Peter’s quickly flowing stream. Jay cupped his hand under Peter’s diaper. It was already well soaked from his own piss. The diaper began to leak. Peter finally finished and ripped off the diaper. They stared at each other, and then kissed passionately. They tasted each other’s tongues, and their cocks touched.

After their long hour of making out and pissing they had another idea. Peter had many horny thoughts running in his mind.

“Put your legs up and lay down,” Peter whispered.

“Oh no,” Jay said. Peter shoved his dick into Jay’s asshole. Jay moaned loudly. Peter pushed his dick in and out furiously. When he pushed his entire dick into Jay’s asshole Jay cummed all over. Cum spurted out all over Jay’s belly. Peter kept pushing his dick in and out. Then he slowed down. Then Peter moaned. Jay felt Peter’s warm, sticky cum all inside his asshole. Peter then collapsed gently on top of Jay and laid there for hours. His dick in Jay’s asshole. 

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