Ski Poop (full story)

My beautiful friend Sandra was telling me about a great ski trip she and her friend Isabelle took a few weeks ago at Mont Sainte Anne.Sandra and Isabelle have recently discovered how nice it feels to poop in their panties and enjoy the fun of getting messy together,so they had planned to be naughty during their ski break.As they would be wearing ski pants and warm jackets they both felt that any poop accident would not be noticed from the outside as the thick pants would contain any mess as they glided down the snow slopes.

They had both deliberately not pooped one day so that they would be feeling fairly desperate the next day when they planned to enjoy their personal poop accident out on the slopes.They got out of bed already feeling a slight urge to poop quite soon,but put that idea to the back of their minds for now and ate a hearty breakfast of bacon eggs fried mushrooms and tomatoes with loads of toast and marmalade and large mugs of coffee that should give them energy for a few hours skiing.They left their hotel and took a bus ride to the chair lift where they collected their skis and got on the lift to take them up to the top of the snow slope.

They both had matching ski pants and jackets in red and blue and were feeling excited to be skiing all morning before they had to pack up to go home as this was their last day of their weekend break.They sped down the trails loving the great fresh air and lovely views from the top,and joined the line to be dragged back to the top.The past few days had been wonderful for them as they became tourists for the weekend and forgot about work that would be expecting them back next day.Soon they were both at the top again and they stopped to look at the view for the last time on this trip.They hugged as they looked out over the country wishing they could stay longer.This would be their last run downhill and then they would need to go back to their hotel and shower before packing their cases and making their way back home to Quebec City.

As they looked out over the snow and trees Sandra felt her bowels rumbling with some urgency and Isabelle said that she too was feeling a great need to poop soon and also that all the coffee they had drunk earlier was not needing to be released.They looked all round but could see no toilets and smiled at each other.No toilets meant that they would need to ski down with full bladders and needing desperately to poop,so they might have an accident,and as there were no toilets they would have a good excuse.They started skiing down the side of the slope and stopped just off to the side of the run.Isabelle smiled at Sandra and said that she was peeing her pants right now and it felt so nice and warm all over her legs and butt.Sandra started to let her bladder empty now and loved how warm it felt as it soaked her panties and ran down each leg.

Letting their pee flow had stimulated their bowels too and now both felt a strong urge to poop and there was such a long way to go before there would be a toilet,so panties seemed the logical place for a nice big soft poop to be deposited.They decided to poop before they started to ski again,so they stopped trying to hold it in and in a few seconds both girls felt a movement as soft warm poop began to touch their panties inside their thick ski pants.As they had not pooped yesterday morning or that morning there was quite a large amount to come out,and they savored the feeling as the soft warm poop started to fill out their panties and they felt it slowly spreading up their backs.They wanted more of the poop to slide between their legs and go forward so each reached behind them and pressed on the back of their ski pants making the rest of the escaping poop be forced forward.

They both gasped in delight as they felt the warm mess slip between their legs and slide over their wet pussies making them tingle with excitement.They now pushed to get as much poop into their panties as possible and that feeling was making them take short fast breaths as they so wanted to masturbate now in their mess but it was too public as other people were skiing past them,thinking that they had stopped to admire the view.Sandra let herself fall backward and sat down in the snow and laughed so much as she felt the soft poop suddenly being squashed and spread all over her lovely butt.She told Isabelle to fall down too,and Isabelle plopped down beside her,and immediately started to laugh too as she enjoyed her poop being forced all over her butt inside those now brown panties.They squirmed as they sat in the snow,thankful for their thick insulated ski pants, and knowing that their totally messy panties and butts would not be noticed from the outside.

They enjoyed their naughty pleasure for a few minutes before getting up again and skiing down the rest of the slope.At the bottom they handed back their skis and rode the bus back to their hotel,wondering if any of the other skiers on the bus had peed or pooped in their pants to enjoy that magic feeling they had now.At the hotel they took off the pants and jackets and washed the poop stains in their pants before walking into the shower room together in only poop filled panties.They hugged again now and pushed on the back of each others panties,pushing the poop all over their butts and then began to wash it off each other.This involved a lot of stroking of legs and bellies and of course pussies which were pretty poopy now,so much pleasure was taken by this action and gasps of delight came from both of them as they enjoyed several orgasms.Eventually they got out and dressed.packed their bags and drove homeward,each feeling so satisfied with their weekend.Looking forward too for their next ski trip.

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  1. mmm those suits will hold loads and the pleasure from the warm pee and poo will send their pussies into overtime nice story

  2. Sandra only started pooping her panties last year,taught by me.She loved it and taught her friend Isabelle to love it too.Now she does not use a toilet if a pair of panties is handy.

  3. That must have been great fun, you would be a fun friend to go on holidays with.

    I pooed in my underwear in a friends car while we were driving to the snow friends with him and his two daughters. I could tell it was going to hard and hopefully not smelly so I let a little out to check then did more once I knew it wasn’t smelly. The only problem was I had forgotten how tight he was with his money until they started looking for a safe place to camp on the side of the road. Even offering to pay for a motel room didn’t change their mind and when we finally found a place to camp the load in my underwear was already dried out and to make it even worse they only had one roll of toilet paper in their car which the girls used most of before I got a change.

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