Simple Pleasures Are The Best

Yesterday was a blasting hot day. I was working in the rear of an estate in Beverly Hills. I drank bottle after bottle of water as sweat saturated my clothes. Finally I took a garden hose and soaked down my T-shirt. Excess water seeped into my jeans. The cool wetness felt great as a little bit seeped past my work belt and dampened my underwear. Mid-day I needed to pee. The owners were away and the pool house was locked. Walking back to where I was working, I began to feel the burning need to pee. Walking across the yard I could hold no longer and leaked a squirt of pee into my underwear. I felt warm wetness soak my underwear. It felt so good I let go a longer stream. Shinny pee pushed to the surface of my jeans and flowed down to my crotch and stopped. It was such a euphoric feeling, I could not help but flood my underwear with a steady stream of warm wet pee. Shinny pee flowed down my thighs and dripped a trail behind me. Back to where I was working, I took the garden hose and saturated my jeans and T-shirt to both cool off, and hide my naughtiness.

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