Silent Hill

October 1st, my 22nd birthday.  I woke up to the sounds of deafening sirens and random noises I couldn’t make out.  I thought this was all just a drunken dream from the night before, but I was wrong.  I think to myself what could have happened to put me in a situation like this.  Bright light fills my eyes and suddenly drowns out the sound of the sirens and other noise.  I feel around and realize I’m in a bed and I don’t recognize it.  It feels comfy, but not nearly as comfy as the bed I went to sleep in the previous night.  I keep asking myself what did I do last night and trying to re-enact what I did last night, but all I do is fail.  My eyesight slowly starts to come back and I realize I am in a hospital room and there is the body of a dead creature next to my bed and a 9mm handgun in my left hand.  The creature is dead and the handgun is empty.  I slowly get up out of my bed and I realize I am wearing nothing but a diaper.   I notice my clothes laying on the table next to me bed neatly folded, so I remove the diaper from me and proceed to put my clothes back on.  White t-shirt, light blue denim shorts, white ankle cut socks, and skater shoes.  I know at the age I am I should dress more maturely, but I just can’t help dressing juvenile.  Maybe it’s the fact I look younger than I really am, or maybe it’s the fact I still sleep with stuffed animals and suck my thumb, or maybe it’s the fact I still wet my pants every now and then if I hold my full bladder too long.  I don’t know.  My immature antics have never affected my life.  I’m an only child and don’t have many friends and I am a huge mama’s boy.  With all that in my mind, I get up out of the bed I woke up in.

I must have been drugged because my legs felt like wet noodles as I put my clothes back on.  I tried to call 911 on my cell phone, but it was totally dead which is odd because I always keep my cell phone charged.  I exited the room I woke up in and discovered a rather odd waiting room.  The walls were covered with blood and rust and no matter which door I tried to open, the doorknob was broken and wouldn’t turn properly.  Being the mama’s boy that I am, I started to cry because I thought I was trapped, but discovered that the main entrance door was open and I was able to escape.  Upon walking outside, I was overtaken by a massive amount of fog.  I walked and walked even though it seemed like I wasn’t going anywhere, but I kept hoping that I would find my way out of this mysterious town that I was in.  I found myself in front of a church and as luck would have it the door was open so I walked in.  Upon entering I felt my bladder fill up, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it.  I walked towards the alter and I felt a very weird feeling.  The closer I walked to it, the harder it was for me to hold my bladder back.  All of a sudden I blacked out and was taken back to when I was in 6th grade and was on stage in front of my whole school and had to pee really bad.  The odd part was that I was able to make it to the bathroom in time, but in this case, I wet my pants and was being made fun of by my entire school as I cried and was taken to the nurses office.  I regained consciousness and realized that I had to pee even more so now.  i exited the church and continued to wherever my luck would take me.

While walking through the fog, I bumped into a school bus.  I walked in and was greeted with the familiar smell of pee.  The smell made my bladder seem to lose control for a split second, but I was able to get control back.  I exited the bus and realized I was in front of an elementary school.  I didn’t like the feeling being in this place and tried to leave, but the doors had locked behind me.  I made my way through pretty much the entire place, but it seemed the boiler room in the basement was where I needed to go.  I don’t know why, but I felt the need to switch on the boiler and upon doing so I was taken back to another distorted memory of mine.  This time I was taken back to my first day of 1st grade and I was brought up front to the front of the class because my teacher didn’t like the fact I always had to go to the bathroom and I was forced to wet my pants in front of the whole class.  I cried the entire time and even on the way home when my mom picked me up.  With that horrible image in my head, I ran out the door and broke it down with the force of my moving body.   I ran and ran until I got to a dead end in an alley.  As my body hit the dead end wall, I turned around and saw a creature looking at me through the fog.  I pointed my empty 9mm handgun at the creature and it didn’t even flinch.  I stood there with my back against the wall of that alley as the creature stared at me with a lifeless look in it’s eyes and I felt something I hadn’t felt since I was a kid.  I was wetting myself in fear and and was enjoying it.  I went from a crying state to almost laughing.  The creature kept trying to scare me, but as my shorts got wetter and wetter, I laughed and enjoyed it.  The creature then disappeared and I was taken back to my present time.

I came back to myself wetting my pants in front of all my friends during my birthday party.  No one teased me because they were all drunk and wet their pants as well.  I had a lovely birthday!

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  2. Toi et tes copains , tous ivres, çà a dû être une soirée d’enfer … Quand on boit plus que d’habitude, on perd vite ses esprits et des accidents de pisse peuvent vite se réaliser !!!
    J’aurais voulu être à ta place !!! ou être invité à ta soirée !!!

  3. Mors d’une prochaine soirée arrosée, fait moi signe, je voudrais être avec toi, on va se marrer ……

  4. Lovely!
    But no Pyramid Head lovin’? Maybe a sequel?

    I’m glad someone else thinks about this setting as much as I do too! 😀

  5. Okay um the name of the story just scared me so bad 0.0 all I thought :pyramid head thats it fucking Jesus the new silent hill movie sucks its not scary at all pyramid head doesn’t even kill the family and im sitting here like what the hell just happened fucking lame but I love the story keep it up 🙂

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