Shy to piss outside and first time I got sprayed

By 13, I had discovered the pleasures of my bladder and some self piss

play, which included outside pissing.  Had never shared piss with a

partner before.  However, on this occasion, I got my first spray from

someone else, by  accident.  Was in my 2nd year in the boy scouts

troup and we were out on our first over-nighter camp out of the school

year.  This troup did a camp-out about every month.  It usually

consisted of a few mile hike, then posting our tents in the wilderness

for a night, then return on Sunday afternoon. One of the new guys

first caught my attention when I observed him pinching his crotch

while we were taking a break during the hike.  We resumed the hike and

about 45 minutes later we stopped for another break.  I saw him

sitting on the ground, pinching his crotch more frequently than the

previous break.  He had khaki shorts on.  I walked over to where he

was sitting by himself and asked if he was ok.   He quietly said “I

have to pee”.   I suggested he just go behind the bush behind him. No

he said.  You never pissed outside before?  He looked

embarrased and whispered No.  At this point he was squeezing his

crotch again.  Assuming he did not piss since we left to drive to the

place we started our hike, then he had not pissed for at least four

and a half hours (I pissed during the previous break).  I said I had

to go too; let’s go behind that big bush over there.  I started

walking over towards the bush (no one would have seen us behind it). 

He got up, holding his khacki crotch in his fingers, and followed me

over and behind the bush.  Standing next to me, he was pinching harder

as I unzipped…..

I was about to pull down my white briefs as I started hearing him cry…

holding his crotch.  As I looked over, a wet spot was forming in his

crotch, making a growing wet spot in the crotch of his khakis.  I just stood there and wathed his spot totally soak the front of his shorts!..  A few seconds later, I could see

large yellow drops of piss dribble out of his shorts.  A few seconds

passed and I could see the wet spot flowing down his once dry khacki

shorts….   Now he was sobbing as a growing flood escaping from the

bottom of his shorts.  I reached over and undid his shorts, revealing

a pair of FOTL briefs. The fly of the white briefs were stained of his straining piss spray. I pulled down his shorts revealing piss flowing out of his briefs, which I yanked down.  His pissing dick flopped out

and sprayed me on the front of my body as his cock flopped out.  His

lightly pubed cock was spraying full force; an almost pencil thick

stream of yellow spray now going out of his dick which was now

pointing out.  He stopped sobbing and watched his pissing dick totally

watering the bush we picked.  Poor guy really had to go as he pissed

for what seemed like another minute.  The flow stopped and he pulled

up his briefs and khaki shorts. He looked at me and said Thanks… we

both walked back to the group.  I did a morning pee with him but he

did it on his own without unbuttoning from me 🙁 LOL  Anyways, just

another pee story I occasionally like to jack off too even though that

happened a long time ago…

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  1. i would have just let him finish in his pants. And then help him not feel so bad. I would also suggest him to wear black if he is pee shy. Thats how I dealt with long camping trips. I never dared to wear khaki

  2. hot story!
    wish I had seen you there 🙂
    what happened after he got back to the group?
    Did they tease him?
    Did you maybe share the tent with him and do any other nice things with him or seen him doing things (j/o etc.)?
    did you see any other boys peeing their pants there or did you maybe see other boys j/o with the scouts?

  3. Some of the "old" memories are the best, particularly when one’s brain adds a few details we may have not originally included……

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