Shy to pee on highway (true)

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Occurred in rural southeastern US during Christmas break

The best time in recent memory went like this.

When I get horny to pee myself, a kind of pee shyness comes over me.  I get very nervous about whipping it out, even if I am all by myself.  Can’t use a multi-holed public restroom either.  That will go on for days until I “resolve” my issue.

I was on a long car trip and I started to having to pee really badly.  I had been drinking a lot during the whole day and didn’t forsee that I would get so uneasy.  I started passing up rest areas because there were too many cars there.  Same with gas stations too.

I was about an hour from my destination when I realized I could end up showering my car seat.  I passed a desolate exit think I could wait longer.  Then I got urgent, but there was a house near the exit.  The next one had a gas station.  I realized I was leaking a little when it felt like my shorts were warm.

The next exit was dark and I parked.  I was about to shower myself because a car came by so I pretended to look at the tires, although I didn’t dare bend over.  I didn’t have any spare clothes with me, so I would have had to wait until I was dry.

I was wearing FTOL fashion briefs that day.  The coast was finally clear and I still couldn’t pull it out, so I positioned myself against the car just right and slowly started peeing through my underwear directly onto the ground.  I had my dick pulled through the zipper of my jeans just right so the jeans would stay dry, and they did.

The first part didn’t last long because I thought a car was coming, but then I was able to finish after that.  The underwear stopped dripping and ended up dampening my pants slightly, but you couldn’t tell.  They were dry in 30 minutes anyway.  I was wearing some older faded black levis anyway so you couldn’t tell, even right when I first zipped back up.

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  1. ever get caught in a traffic jam on a major highway or in a city. I’ve actually had to piss myself in the car.

  2. I understand your pee shyness. I’ve got that myself when out riding. It’s funny I could be pooping myself and pissing on a bike ride or out on a walk in the woods, but get me to a store, gas station, restaurant,or a Qickstop, and I’m done. I actually find it easier to pee outside than in a public restroom, and have gone upwards of 15 hours without peeing. I did dribble piss that time to relieve the pressure, but it wasn’t enough because I couldn’t leave a puddle. The problem with holding your piss for a long time too is spasm. The spincter muscles wiil spasm up and won’t release at all without some pushing help. This got me in trouble once at the hospital and they put in a catheter because I hadn’t peed in 12 hours! I didn’t even feel like I had to pee, but they had me all doped up on morphine (just had surgery), and stuck a very painful catheter up my cock!

    Anway I go out stormchasing in the midwest and the other Great Plains states. (You’ve got to try it sometime if you like the outdoors PM me if you’re ever interested in an awesome trip). During these trips there are sometimes no stops for hours, but we will stop at a Braums or some other fast food joint for a quick break or lunch. People will make a beeline for the restrooms, and I can’t go. I’ll wait until there’s little traffic and sneak in, hoping I can piss.

    I’m okay if the coast is clear, but will clamp up immediately if anyone walks into the restroom. Other times I just couldn’t go because the stench in there was so bad. A toilet was clogged up once at a QuickStop, and probably was for days. The place smelled like something crawled in a stall and died. I gagged once the smell hit me, and that ended the piss right there! Another time a restroom was too busy. How can a shy pisser pee with a crowd?

    Eventually we got to our storm chasing destination, and I found a quiet place along the road. It was a dirt farm road with a clump of small trees – enough for cover and I had one long piss!

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